Friday, December 19, 2008

It's snowing AGAIN!!!

Snowy Days

I woke up this morning to 5 inches of snow. It still has not stopped snowing. I should not be complaining, because our appraiser is coming to do an appraisal on the house day. We are suppose to have our deck stained for the type of loan we are getting. So last night I prayed that the appraiser would over look the deck and my prayer was answered with 5 inches of snow. So, this morning I have to be grateful for the snow. I just hope it stops soon. I think that Brock and I will make a snowman tomorrow.

Today is my last day of school before our Christmas break starts! I am so EXCITED! I get to sleep in and stay in my pajama's as long as I want. Also I still have last minute Christmas shopping to do. Last night our ward had a cookie exchange. Everyone that participated made 4, 6, or 8 dozen cookies/goodies and how ever many dozen you made, you got to take that many dozen home of other kinds of cookies/goodies. It is perfect, because now I have everything to make up my goodie plates to take around to our friends. So, Brock and I will be delivering those this weekend. Jason is on night shifts so he won't be joining us ( I am sure he is so sad! lol).

Enough of my blabbing here are some pictures of me being festive!

Friday, December 12, 2008

It is finally up!

Well I finally put up some of my Christmas decorations! Brock was such a great little helper. Now I need to put my garland around my deck, so that the outside of my house has some holiday decorations. This weekend Brock and I are going to put together our ginger bread house. I think I usually end up doing most of the work, while Brock eats the candy.

I am not too excited for this weekend or next, because I am the Junior class advisor and I have to be at the concessions supervising. I don't know how I was talked into this position. The real down side is that we are in charge of prom and it is two weeks before my due date. That should be a fun week! Oh well, I am just going to have to deal with it and make the best of it.
Here is a picture of our tree. The picture doesn't do it any justice. I wish you could see all the little ornaments, especially the one that Ang had made of the three of us. It is so cute! Oh, well you get the picture.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Insane shoppers!

Well Brock and I made it back from SLC last night. We picked Jason up from work on our way home. I thought that this would be a great idea! WOW was I wrong. I wanted to eat in Carlin at the Chinese restaurant, but Jason said that he didn't want to wait that long. So we went to the Pizza Factory, because one of the guys Jason works with told him that they have a really good sandwich there. I was not excited at all, I am not big on sandwiches for dinner and I definitely didn't want pizza. I thought I was the pregnant one! So I decided I would just eat when we got home. I wasn't in a very good mood after that! I am too much of a spoiled brat and when I don't get my way I tend to pout.
SLC was insane! All the stores were so packed and the lines were so long. I usually love to shop, but I was so annoyed on Saturday. I decided that if I really need something, then I would just order it online. There was some good points to our trip. Saturday night I got 10 hours of sleep! I also ate with my family at Red Lobster and IHOP! They were so good! Brock was able to play with his two cousins that he doesn't get to see very often. They had a great time, especially while my uncle Al was babysitting them and he took them to the park.
I am definitely glad to be back home! Tonight Brock and I are going to put up our Christmas decorations! It is about time! I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still moving!!

Well we are still in the process of moving. I do have to say that it is getting much better. We still don't have all of our stuff at our new house, but we will get there. I am so thankful that Jason has worked on our house all of his 7 days off. Poor guy, he hasn't had much of a break. I am happy to say that I now have a functioning kitchen and Jason has been working on the other bathroom and I think that it will be functioning by the time I get home today. So, things are looking up. I still have lots to unpack, but oh well I will get there.
I think that I am going to go to Salt Lake this weekend to do some Christmas shopping. It will be fun, because I can stay at my sister Melanie's house and I have a couple of cousins that can watch Brock. I think that I will take the truck, because I want to go to IKEA for some storage cabinets. I also want to go Tai Pan to get Christmas decorations for my tree. Since we moved my parents gave us one of their big trees. I want to get new decorations for it. This is the downfall to moving so close to Christmas, I have been so busy unpacking that I have not put my Christmas up get. I am a little sad, because this my favorite holiday season. Hopefully I will get it all up by next week.
We had a good thanksgiving at my parent's house. Mostly all my mom's family and my dad's parents were there. We had a good time! I was so excited that my uncle brought pies from Marie Calenders. The banana cream is my favorite! I also enjoy the left over turkey sandwiches. The day after Thanksgiving was my birthday! The big 26! My grandma took my uncle Swen and his family along with Brock to Orvada, where my great grandpa has a ranch. On there way back Jason, Stephanie, Edwin, and I met them in Winnemucca to watch a movie. Of course I went to Bolt with Brock. Jason, Steph, and Edwin went to the James Bond movie. We had a good time. Overall our Thanksgiving break was good!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I remember now why I hate to move! It is such a pain! We finally slept in our house for the first time last night. I am having mixed emotions about the whole thing. I did not want to move into the house before it was finished. I feel like I am being pushed from one house to the next. Of course being pregnant isn't helping my emotions. I cried for along time last night, because I am so frustrated that I am living in a house that I can't even get ready in. I had to shower at my parent's house last night, because I need someone to light my pilot light. Then I had to turn around this morning and go back over to my parent's to get ready for work, because I do not have a mirror to get ready with. Oh well, I am sure it will get better. I was just wishing that Jason wasn't on graveyards, so that I would have felt a little better about things. Thank goodness he is now on his seven days off.
On the other hand I am excited that I have a doctors appointment today. Brock and I are going to the appointment. It will be fun for just the two of us to have time to spend together. Of course he has stipulations for going, I have to get him Pokemon cards at WalMart. He is such a negotiator. He has been a trooper through the move. We didn't even get started on his homework until 10:00pm last night. I feel like a terrible mother.
I am excited for Thanksgiving and to spend time with my family. My family has not been together for the last two years for Thanksgiving and Christmas, because my brother has been on a mission. It should be a great day. I am also excited for my birthday, because Jason and I are going to go on a date. We don't ever take the time for just the two of us. Hopefully we will be able to go to a movie! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sooo I haven't posted in awhile, because I am addicted to the twilight series. I started the first book on Nov. 7th and I just finished the last book today. I loved the whole series. I could not get enough of them. This is very rare for me to be excited about a book, usually I hate to read. I am so excited for the movie to come out. I am going to watch it next week. I just hope that it is as good as the book, otherwise I will be completely disappointed. Well back to reality and the real world now.
Jason and I have been working on getting our house ready, so that we can finally move into it. Last night I went there after school and stayed until 11 and Jason came home at 1. We are both really tired and I am so sore. This little girl sure loves to torture her mom. She has me in pain every day, but it is definately worth it. Anyway, back to the whole house thing. Our carpet was laid yesterday and Jason worked on the bathroom and putting the trim up. I painted the bathroom and a whole bunch of trim. I am going back over tonight to work on it, because I want to start moving some things into it this weekend. Jason is going to be on graveyards, but I think I have our home teachers lined up to help us out. We still have a lot of odds and ends to finish up, but overall it is coming along good.
There is one thing that I hate about being a teacher....parent confrences. I have parent confrences tomorrow night and all day Friday. I not looking forward to it at all! Anyway I better get over to my house and get some more stuff done.

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

So last Wednesday Jason, Brock, and I headed to Winnemucca for our ultrasound. I was so excited. The lady that did our ultrasound was so nice and she was really good about showing us everything and explaining what parts where what. I was so excited when she told us that we are having a girl!!! I then asked her how often she is wrong and what percentage she would say she was about it being a girl. She said that she had been doing ultrasounds for a long time and that she has only been wrong twice. Once was on a set of twins and the other was a boy instead of a girl. So, when I heard the last part I was a little unsure, until she told me that she was 95% sure that it is a girl. I couldn't wait to tell everyone and neither could Jason. We both got on our phones right away to announce our exciting news. Brock on the other hand was not to excited during the ultrasound when the lady said he was going to have a sister. He argued with her and told her that he was going to have a brother. He is completely fine with it now. We are so excited that we have a sweet little girl that is coming straight from heaven!
We went to Alamo for Halloween to see Jason's family. We had a good time! Jason and Jeremy took Brock, Ryan, and Ben trick-or-treating. I was glad, because it rained off and on. I helped Andrea hand out candy. I love looking at all the cute costumes! On Saturday Andrea and I went to Vegas to do some Christmas shopping. This is early for me to start, but I thought that if I get a head start then I could spread out everything between pay checks. It was so nice and warm there. When we got home that night Jason and I played pinochle with his parents. It was a great time and Annette and I ended up beating the boys 2 to 1. Annette also taught Jason and I how to play pinochle with 2 people. It isn't as fun as playing with 4 people, but it is still entertaining. We headed home on Sunday. The trip home was much more pleasant than the trip there. Overall our weekend turned out to be a fun trip, but I am sure glad to be home.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can you say LOSER!

I am terrible at keeping up on my blog. The main reason is because I can't post any pictures off of my camera, so I have been messing with that hoping that I could figure it out. No luck so far! Well last Friday I hosted Bunco at my house. We had a great time. I asked everyone to dress up in their Halloween costumes. I also went to familyfun.go and found the cutest Halloween recipes that I passed out to all the girls to make and bring one item. All of the food turned out amazing. I look forward to getting together for a girl's night once a month. I decided to make these cute little gifts for each girl. I bought these little jars at the dollar store and I used my mom's vinyl machine to print out the word BOO, then I filled them with candy corn. They were so cute! I also was in charge of buying all the prizes, so I did up different vinyl projects to give away. So needless to say it was a success!
Jason has been working really hard on our house. I think that he is tired of being in this tiny house with all my crap! I came home from my friend Tasha's purse party last Tuesday night and there was a budget laying on the table when I got home. Some of it was a little unpractical, but for the most part he did a great job! I need a budget that is for sure! I love little things like this that Jason does, even though I don't always want to go along with them. In the end I realize that this is only going to better our future and relationship! We have our moments, but I am truly blessed that I found Jason. He is a great husband and father to Brock. I was always worried that I would never find someone that would love Brock like their own. BOY was I wrong. Jason is great with Brock. I am so excited that they have created a special bond between each other. He is a keeper for sure!
We go to the doctor on Wednesday for our ultra sound. I have a feeling that the baby is not going to cooperate. We will see! I will keep everyone posted.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Flying By!!!

Why does it seem like the days and weeks keep flying by so fast? I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. Brock was able to hear the heartbeat and he thought that was pretty neat! He keeps saying that it better be a brother, because if it is a girl it will not be his sister! I have an ultrasound scheduled for the 29th of this month, so hopefully we will find out then.
Gary and Annette (Jason's parents) came down this last weekend. It was Gary's birthday on Friday, so we took him out to dinner at the steak house in town. On Saturday Jason and Gary worked on the floor to the master bathroom. Jason started to tile it last night. We took the guys lunch and ate with them at the other house. Then Annette, Brock, and I watched confrence, went to a few stores around town. Annette needed to find Ben a present for taking care of her dog, Nia. We found a cute little cat to take his old cat's place. We didn't want Jacob to feel left out, so Annette got him a little stuffed animal as well. Annette then watched Brock while I went to my hair appointment. Brock really liked hanging out with Annette and Gary. They both played legos with him, which they got him for his birthday. Also they got him 4 lego computer games. Annette and Brock went on a marathon reading adventure. Poor Annette she read lots of books to Brock. No wonder why he didn't want them to leave.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bunco night!!!!

So, a little over a year ago I started a bunco group. We meet once a month and play bunco, which is a dice game. There are 12 players (all girls of course). We all rotate houses and the hostess decides on the menu and assigns out everyone to bring something to eat or drink. I look forward to this night every month. It is a girl's night out and we sit and laugh so hard! Also there are 5 prizes at the end! The reason I am telling you all this, is because I am hosting next months bunco and I am so excited about it. Since it is in October I have asked everyone to come dressed up in some sort of costume. Also I will be having everyone make these food Halloween recipes that I found online. I think that it is going to be a great night and I can't wait!
Well enough about bunco. Not too much else has been going on except work. I still am not too thrilled about my job this year. I did find out today that I have been paying for an extra insurance plan that will pay me $1900 during my maturnity leave. SCORE!!! Next week is homecoming week and of course I volunteered to be in the faculty skit and lip sync. I have one of the lead roles in the lip sync, it is freaking hillarious! If you have ever seen the Blues Brothers, we are doing a song off of that movie and I have to do a lot of dancing. I am one of the Blues Brothers, so it should be quite interesting. We practiced today and boy am I out of shape. Some of the ladies told me that I am going to put myself into premature labor. Yeah right!!!! I am so excited about it. For the skit we are doing Hollywood Squares and my part is Jessica Simpson, which is perfect because I can be the biggest blonde. The role shouldn't be that hard to pull off.
Jason is on his days off, so he has been working on our house. He textured our bathroom today and is going to tile it this weekend. I am hoping we will be in there by November. I love when Jason is off, so he can take Brock to school and I don't have to take the extra time to get him ready before I leave. Well enough blabbing for now, maybe if I posted more often I wouldn't have so much to talk about.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why now?

Well we made it back from Joseph! If Jason and I ever get a divorce, it is going to be because of traveling together on a road trip. LOL It seems like all we do is argue over the dumbest things in the car and it annoys me that I just can't go to another room. So after Kaia's blessings Jason decided that we were going to drive back to Salt Lake and stay the night there. Well we got to Provo and ate at my favorite place, the Olive Garden. Then Jason decided that he needed to go to church in Battle Mountain the next morning, so he wanted to drive all the way home that night. I was so annoyed and tired. I told him that I refused to drive, so we made it to Wells and decided to stay the night. We got this nasty room that smelled like mold. It was a terrible night! We made it home the next morning in time for Jason to make it to Young Mens, so he could do his calling. (Since when did he care if he goes to church or not) Well enough of the venting and complaining about that.
The other thing that I would like to complain about is that since school started I tend to get night sickness. Not every night, but occasionally. So last night was the worst and I am going to tell one of the most embarassing stories that has ever happenend to me, so other people can get a good laugh. I figure if I don't tell on myself, Jason will share it will the rest of you. So I wasn't feeling good, so Jason gave Brock a bath and put him to bed. We were watching Americas Got Talent it came to the end and I ran to go to the bathroom. Well it turned out that not only did I need to go to the bathroom, but the baby decided that I needed to throw up as well. So I am sitting in the bathroom throwing up for 5 minutes straight and Jason come sin and says what is going on. I stated the obvious and he told me I sounded like a weed eater and that he had never heard anyone use so much force to throw up. I just turned and looked at him and told him to get me a towel, because I had just peed all over the floor. He started laughing and he couldn't stop. I told him it wasn't funny and that I couldn't control it. It was either puke or pee on the floor, I would much rather clean up pee. Jason wanted to call Jeremy right then and I told him no way. I have never puked so hard and so much in my life, my throat still burned for most of today and it even gets better. I was helping a student today and I had to run outside and throw up again. This is the first time that this has happenend at school. My only question is why now am I getting sick? I think I have figured out what causes it, LEMONS. Lemons don't make lemonade when you are pregnant, they just make you throw up!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My blog is being stocked!!

I am a complete looser! It is pretty bad when your husband checks your blog to see when the last time you posted. He gets on my blog all the time and checks out everyones posts and then asks why I hardly post. Well let me fill you in on what has been going on in out lives. I started teaching school on the 21st of August and Brock started his first day of Kindergarten the same day. I thought for sure I would cry as Jason and I dropped him of and got him situated in his classroom. I held back the tears and instead of realizing that my baby is growing up, I was full of excitement for him to start a new chapter in his life. I never new that Kindergartners have so much homework. We spend 30 minutes to an hour every Monday on his weekly homework that is due Tuesday or Wednesday. Also we have to read every night for 15 minutes and Brock has to read a poem that goes with the letter of the week 7 times each night. Good thing Jason is around to help! Brock likes Jason to read with him.
Jason and Brock have started to bond a lot more since school started. Jason takes him to school on his days off and picks him up. He has only been late one time and been forgotten to pick up once as well. Thank goodness for the responsible babysitter that picks up the slack. I am so glad that Jason and Brock are creating a stronger bond with each other. It has been hard for Brock to accept another authority figure, but he is finally adjusting. They have lots of fun playing around and joking with each other.
As for me when school started, I started to get a little sick. I was not very happy about the whole puking thing, but thank goodness it has stopped. I just seem to feel tired all the time. I feel like my house and yard is falling down all around me, but no matter how bad it gets, I just can't seem to find the energy to clean it. Hopefully this won't last long. So, I don't know how many of you watch Army Wives, but I am addicted. My sister bought season 1 and I watched the whole thing in a weekend. Then on Monday the season 2 marathon was on lifetime and I spent all day watching it. Again this proves that I am a complete looser! The second season isn't over yet, so I was so excited that I was able to watch it before I had to wait for it to come out on DVD. Anyway I will quit blabbing and I will try to post more often so I don't have such long posts.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well I survived my first time at CKU. CKU is a scrapbook retreat that they put on every year in several different places around the United States. The one that I attended was in Provo, Utah. My sister Melanie and I went from Thursday to Saturday night. It was so much fun and we got so much free stuff!!! They had the cutest ideas and we made so many different projects. It was so fun to get away and have time to spend with Mel. I am way sad that she has moved to Salt Lake to attend cosmetolgy school. It will be such a great oppurtunity for her. I don't know who is going to miss her more, my mom or Brock. When she left Brock cried and put his arms around her neck and would not let go. It was so hard for me to see my little boy so sad. He is definately attached to his auntie M.
Enough about the sad stuff. Jason and I just got home from playing on our co-ed softball team. It was fun and I got some really good laughs at Jason. He asked to be 1st base and he was cracking me up. Also he always swung at the first pitch when he got up to bat. I think he only made it home once. So finally I have found something that I can beat him at. He is always beating me in games, but not tonight! We had fun and that's all that matters.
We went to our first doctor's appointment on Monday. I didn't actually get to see the doctor, but I saw the nurse and we figured out my due date and I was asked about a million questions. Jasona and Brock waited in the waiting room, because Jason thought that it would be more than questions and a pee test. Some times he is so funny! So I was right, my due date is March 26 and I will be 8 weeks on Friday. So far everything is going great, except for the fact that I am already getting huge and had to buy some maternity pants. That is ridiculous!!! Melanie keeps telling me that I am going to have twins. Wouldn't that be an amazing experience! I would love having a set of twins. Well we will see at our next appointment.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Exciting News

I am such a slacker when it comes to posting new blogs! We just got back from Salt Lake on Sunday. We went to the zoo on Friday. It was so hot, but Brock had a great time. He especially loved the white alligator and the giraffes. On Saturday we went to Lagoon with my dad's side of the family. We had a great time! Brock was able to go on some of the bigger rides this year by me taking the wheels out of his Heley's and letting him wear those. They have a thick sole that made him taller. The best part was Lagoona beach. Brock loved to pull everyone around the lazy river. He just finished 6 weeks of swimming lessons and he loves to be in the water. We also loved the one water slide that goes from the slide to a little area of water then switches back to the slide and it keeps going like that for awhile. One of the life guards kept flipping Jason's tube over everytime he went into her water area, it was hillarious! We also had fun mini putting, riding the rides, and watching the music performances, oh yeah and EATING! We left about 11:15 to go back to our motel rooms. On Sunday we all slept in and went to eat at Marie Calendars with the fam. The only thing that sucked was that their air conditioner was broke and it was so hot in there, but the food was GREAT! Then we left for home.
Anyway that is not the exciting news. The exciting news is that I am pregnant! We found out a couple of weeks ago. I am not very far along, maybe a month. I think that I will be due at the end of March. We are all really excited, especially Brock. He has been begging for a brother, a sister, and a baby for awhile. Jason and Brock want it to be a boy and of course I want a little girl. Whatever he or she turns out to be we will love them. Anyway that is our exciting news!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's AboutTime!

I finally created a blog! I keep telling my SIL that I am going to do it and I have kept putting it off. Anyway a little about myself. I was born in Idaho and moved to Nevada right before I turned 8. I live in a place called Battle Mountain and the only things that it is known for is having a BM on the mountain, which everyone makes fun of us for, and we were named the armpit of America a few years back. So, that pretty much somes up where I live! I am just kidding, I love it here ( I never thought that I would say that) my family is here and so are a lot of my friends that I went to school with. We all swore that we were never going to move back here after we graduated, we were all wrong. There is just something about a small town that makes me feel safe and secure raising my children in!
Enough about BM, I recently just got married to the love of my life on May 17, 2008. It was a great wedding and reception. We had lots of friends and family that shared our special day with us. Jason and I met on the Internet (LDS singles to be specific). He hates when I tell people that, but I think it is hilarious! It doesn't bother me one bit, because I don't think we would have met any other way. We were living at opposite ends of the state! I had started talking to him back in March of 2007 and then he just stopped responding online. Then at the end of July I heard from him again and he explained that his subscription expired and that he had re-signed up. We exchanged phone #'s that night! Two weeks later I met in in the middle of nowhere (Tonapah, Nevada) to ride with him as he followed some buddies of his that were racing from Vegas to Reno. It was a fun trip and things started to progress from there. In October Jason decided to come to Battle Mountain to apply at the mines up here and that we he was hired! I was so excited!
I am so lucky to have found such a great guy who loves me for all of my imperfections. Jason has not only chosen me to be a part of his life, but also he has chosen to be my son's(Brock) dad. I am so excited to expand on our family and hope that it happens soon. Well enough for now, I feel like I just wrote a whole novel!