Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Exciting News

I am such a slacker when it comes to posting new blogs! We just got back from Salt Lake on Sunday. We went to the zoo on Friday. It was so hot, but Brock had a great time. He especially loved the white alligator and the giraffes. On Saturday we went to Lagoon with my dad's side of the family. We had a great time! Brock was able to go on some of the bigger rides this year by me taking the wheels out of his Heley's and letting him wear those. They have a thick sole that made him taller. The best part was Lagoona beach. Brock loved to pull everyone around the lazy river. He just finished 6 weeks of swimming lessons and he loves to be in the water. We also loved the one water slide that goes from the slide to a little area of water then switches back to the slide and it keeps going like that for awhile. One of the life guards kept flipping Jason's tube over everytime he went into her water area, it was hillarious! We also had fun mini putting, riding the rides, and watching the music performances, oh yeah and EATING! We left about 11:15 to go back to our motel rooms. On Sunday we all slept in and went to eat at Marie Calendars with the fam. The only thing that sucked was that their air conditioner was broke and it was so hot in there, but the food was GREAT! Then we left for home.
Anyway that is not the exciting news. The exciting news is that I am pregnant! We found out a couple of weeks ago. I am not very far along, maybe a month. I think that I will be due at the end of March. We are all really excited, especially Brock. He has been begging for a brother, a sister, and a baby for awhile. Jason and Brock want it to be a boy and of course I want a little girl. Whatever he or she turns out to be we will love them. Anyway that is our exciting news!



I'm hoping for a girl of course, but another boy would be fun too. I wish we could have gone to Lagoon too. Maybe one of these years.

Aaron and Angela

I want to go to Lagoon so bad. We went there when I was little so I didn't get to go on very many rides. Glad you guys had a fun time. I'm hoping you have a girl too. I'll be happy with either though!

Mike and Tonia

A girl would be awesome!! That way I wouldn't have the only Jorgensen girls and they would have one to play with. Boys are so much easier though. I want to go to lagoon too. The kids had a ball last year.