Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet the newest member of the family!

So this is what happens when I let Jason go to Alamo without me! He brings home a dog! For all of you that know me I am not an animal lover! I just can't stand taking care of them. I hate the hair, peeing and pooping wherever they please, the inconvenience of just leaving and not having to worry about them, things being chewed up, and the list goes on and on. Anyway not only did Jason bring a new puppy home, it has been living in my house. I told Jason I wasn't going to help out with him at all, but I can't bring myself to do it. Yes, I clean up dog pee and poop. I also feed it and take it out to go to the bathroom. I think I am the only one that isn't excited about the puppy, which by the way his name is Remington! Brock and Jaylee love the dog. Well Jaylee and Remington have a hate, love relationship. She chases him around and then when he nips at her she cries and we get him away from her and then she takes off after him again. Jaylee seems to think she can do what the dog does and vise versa. Jaylee eats the dog's food and Remington eats the food she drops on the floor for him. Remington thinks that Jaylee's car seat is his and Jaylee plays with the door on his kennel. Remington thinks that Jaylee's binki's are his along with the nipples on the bottles. They are so fun to watch. Brock is so good to help clean up Remington's messes and take him out to the bathroom. So I have lost the battle of not having a pet. I think I will survive, but I can't wait until his home is outside.

More winter crafts!

Well as usual we have had a busy month! I have been crafting like crazy, but I forget to take pictures to show. I am putting all my winter crafts away and decided I wanted to share a few! My friend Sady decided that we didn't have enough to do, so she added another monthly project. Our new monthly project is a table runner for each month. Yes, we are insane! I love how the January one turned out! I am not sure if I want to put it away yet. Also for Christmas my mom gave me a cute wood craft to do that says "Winter". What a great mom I have! She always has anything I need to do my crafts. My favorite is that she has a vinyl machine that I take advantage of quite often. She also finds the cutest projects for me to do. Thanks mom for all your crafty ideas and supplies that you give me!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentine project!

I saw these cute little frames today on someone's blog that I can't find now. I think that they turned out so cute! They were so easy to make and they weren't very expensive at all. I did XOXO and my brother's friend did LOVE!

Snowflakes Cont....

So I actually was able to get some up close pictures of my January danglers and my Epsom salt snowman. I also wanted to show my blocks that say "Sleigh Ride" and my sign hanging on my front door! So here they are!!!! I also wanted to give a big Thank You to my SIL Andrea for helping put all these pictures into a collage! Anytime I have a blogging question she has the answer and if not she googles it! Thanks Andrea!!!!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am a big slacker and I keep forgetting to post about these cute little reindeer that I made for a few of our friends. I had so much fun making these! They were so easy and they didn't take long at all. I do have to warn you that when delivering don;t leave them in someone's truck. We did this with one of our friends and we didn't realize they were out of town and they exploded all over the truck. What great friends we are! Merry Christmas we killed the reindeer.

Snowflake Kisses!

I keep forgetting to post a picture of the cute calendar that my SIL Andrea gave me for Christmas! I am going to change out the paper each
month! It is so cute!!!!

There are so many projects that I have been working on, but I forget to take pictures. I read on some one's blog that they decorated with Epsom salt for winter. I thought that was such a cute idea that I decided to use it while I decorated for winter. I have never decorated for winter before, but I thought I would decorate for January. I decided to decorate in snowflakes and snowmen. I also used blue (well actually more teal), red, and silver. I will post a few of my decorations, but it was dark when I took pictures so not all of them turned out. Hopefully I will remember to take some better ones tonight. I also keep putting off posting out our new little puppy, because he is black and every picture I have taken doesn't show him very well. Hopefully I will get better pictures soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stripes, Stripes, and more Stripes!!!

I think that I have totally lost my mind! I started to paint Brock's room over Christmas break. I have been feeling guilty ever since I did Jaylee's room and not Brock's room. Anyway I decided that it would be fun to paint horizontal stripes in lots of colors and sizes. What was I thinking? I guess I wasn't! I did two walls with the stripes and I used 6 different colors. This project took me a long time, because of the taping and waiting for colors to dry to start a new color. If any of you know me I LOVE to paint. I think that it is therapeutic and it gives me time to think. Well I didn't get his room finished before I came back to school, so it will just have to get done a little at a time. I want to continue the blue and lime green stripe all the way around the room. I also have to find a comforter set, because I moved the queen bed from my guest bedroom into Brock's room (This is going to give me so much more room to set up for my crafts). So here is a picture of the stripes and I have so much more that I want to add!!! I will show more pictures as it becomes more complete!