Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet the newest member of the family!

So this is what happens when I let Jason go to Alamo without me! He brings home a dog! For all of you that know me I am not an animal lover! I just can't stand taking care of them. I hate the hair, peeing and pooping wherever they please, the inconvenience of just leaving and not having to worry about them, things being chewed up, and the list goes on and on. Anyway not only did Jason bring a new puppy home, it has been living in my house. I told Jason I wasn't going to help out with him at all, but I can't bring myself to do it. Yes, I clean up dog pee and poop. I also feed it and take it out to go to the bathroom. I think I am the only one that isn't excited about the puppy, which by the way his name is Remington! Brock and Jaylee love the dog. Well Jaylee and Remington have a hate, love relationship. She chases him around and then when he nips at her she cries and we get him away from her and then she takes off after him again. Jaylee seems to think she can do what the dog does and vise versa. Jaylee eats the dog's food and Remington eats the food she drops on the floor for him. Remington thinks that Jaylee's car seat is his and Jaylee plays with the door on his kennel. Remington thinks that Jaylee's binki's are his along with the nipples on the bottles. They are so fun to watch. Brock is so good to help clean up Remington's messes and take him out to the bathroom. So I have lost the battle of not having a pet. I think I will survive, but I can't wait until his home is outside.



Glad you finally got a picture up. Dogs are a pain sometimes!


Aw but at least he's cute! I don't miss the puppy stage at all, good luck with that