Thursday, September 24, 2009

That's What Friends Are For!!!

I am so excited! My friend Amy created this for me for her give-a- away. I have seen the different pictures like this at deseret book. I have been wanting to get them, but I think this is even better. I am going to get this picture blown up, so I can put it in my house. Just thought I would share my excitement!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jaylee is 6 months old!!!

Jaylee is 6 months old today! I just can't figure out why 6 months of pregnancy seems like forever and now the last 6 months has flown by! Anyway Jaylee is such a sweet little addition to our family. She has developed some serious attitude lately. She has to have everything her way and if she doesn't get it, she is sure to let everyone know that she is MAD!!! She does crack me up all the time though.

She thinks that she is a BIG girl. She likes to be in control of the remote and cell phone. When Brock is playing with his friends she thinks she should be doing what they are doing. For instance, the other day Brock and his friend Austin were playing the Wii and Jaylee had to sit right in between them on the floor and look up at the screen with them. Brock is really good about playing with her and making her laugh. Every time Brock walks into the room she gets excited and smiles at him. She loves to smile!

When anyone eats around her she thinks she needs to eat too! Jason introduced Jaylee to Pepsi and she thinks that she needs it anytime we take a drink. She is a little oinker when she eats. She will always it a full jar of baby food and sometime two. Then shortly after she will think that she needs to nurse as well. Oh, well at least I know that she is healthy!

We are so glad that she is a part of our family! She is a little sweet heart that makes us smile everyday!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not enough time!

I just feel like there is never enough time in a day for me to get things done! Our family has been busy the last few weeks. We are all still trying to adjust to a schedule since school is back in session. I really like the 4 days a week, but I dread every other Friday when I have to go to school for 4 hours of collaboration. On the other hand I love the 3 day weekends. Last weekend we had 4 days for Labor day. We had planned on leaving to go camping with some friends and their family , but it was post-poned a day due to my sister Stephanie going into labor. I wanted to be there, because I have never witnesses someone giving birth. It was a great experience and the end results were the best. I now have a sweet little niece, Savannah Lynn. She was born on 9-4-09 weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs 7 oz. and she was 18 inches long. She in so tiny compared to my monster children. Jaylee looks like giant baby compared to her! She is such a good baby.

After Savannah was born we still went camping! We all had a great time. Jason gave in and bought Brock a BB gun. He did pretty good with it! On the first time he hit the can that they had set up. On the other hand I was a little worried about the whole thing and hoping that he didn't shoot any of the others kids' eyes out! This was Jaylee's first camping trip and she loved it. She especially loved looking at the fire! I was impressed on how well I did with not having a bathroom. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! It was nice to get away from society and just relax and not worry about anything.

Brock is doing much better with school! He came home last week and asked if I knew one of the girls in is class named McKayla. I told him that I didn't know her and asked him why. He proceeded to tell me that she gave him her phone number so that she could come over and play the Wii. Then the following day he handed be an index card with a phone number on it and told me it was MaKayla's number. I was like great my kid is in the first grade and he is already getting girl's digits!

Jaylee got an ear infection this last week and hasn't been herself since! Poor little girl is usually so happy and this week she has had a hard time sleeping and eating! Other than that she is getting so big! She always has to grab onto things and she tries to talk all the time.

So that is what has been going on in the Jorgensen home lately! Hopefully I will be better about posting!