Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am such a slacker! I haven't even posted pictures of Easter yet and it has been a week and half. So here is my late Easter post! So the week before Easter Jaylee caught the flu and had it for a week (not the puking part the whole time the other stuff). Jason caught it on Friday and we had planned on going to Elko to get our Easter stuff! I wanted to go by myself since he was sick, but he insisted on going. Oh it was the worst trip ever! Jason puked the whole time and Jaylee had it coming out the other end! I feel bad for whoever used the Wal Mart shopping cart after Jaylee had sat in it! I didn't get to go to half the places that I wanted to and Jason complained the whole time. Why is it when men get sick they are the biggest babies? Anyway the thing that ticked me off the most was that he wouldn't let me get something to eat for dinner, because he didn't want to smell it. Boy was I irratated! This wasn't the end of the worst day! We got home and the power was out! I couldn't even cook me dinner! At this point I was beyond irritated! I was freaking out because I had lots of things to do! Luckily the power turned back on a little after 9pm and I was able to get some things done.
Where was I, oh yeah Easter! Jaylee was a lot of fun this year with the eggs. She was so cute to gather her eggs and put them in her basket! She loved the candy inside of them too! Brock was a little bummed that he didn't get the Poke Mon game for his DS that he told the Easter bunny the day before Easter! Dang Easter bunny you are suppose to have ESP! Maybe the Easter Bunny will be fired from our house! Ha, I could only wish. Brock got over the game and Jaylee just kept eating her jelly beans.
My parents house is under construction in their kitchen area right now, so I offered to host Easter dinner! It was so yummy and I think everyone had a good time, except for the fight between my sister Mel and my brother! Is it only our family that has sibling fights when there is family gatherings? It always seems to happen with my siblings. I think that we are all spoiled brats! Anyway besides that everything went good and we ended the day with a gool ol' game of cards.

Here are so Easter pics!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and enjoyed the true meaning of it! I listened to conference, does that count?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kiddo Updates!!!

Like normal things have been busy for our family! Jaylee has had to go to the doctor twice in the last 2 weeks. First it was for an ear infection and the second time was for flu like symptoms. The doctor said that she has an abdominal infection and another ear infection! Poor little girl! It makes me so sad when she is sick and I feel like I can't do anything to help her.  On a good note she took her first steps on Tuesday! She is such a chicken, but she will get it eventually.  She is our little climber girl! She thinks that she is so funny when she climbs up onto things that she know she shouldn't.  Here are a few pictures of her doing this!

Brockhas been doing good in school! His reading blows my mind! He has turned into a FANTASTIC reader! He is getting ready to start baseball.  He still enjoys playing any electronic game and hanging out with his friends. He just can' t understand why I don't let him play everyday after school.  He is so excited that next week is our spring break and so am I.  I am still having problems with him not back talking and crying over every little thing that he gets told no for.  He thinks that he has the meanest parents in the world and he thinks that Grandma and Grandpa can fix everything. Oh well, someday he will look back and realize he didn't have it too bad! That's it for now, I am going to go and enjoy my spring break!