Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kiddo Updates!!!

Like normal things have been busy for our family! Jaylee has had to go to the doctor twice in the last 2 weeks. First it was for an ear infection and the second time was for flu like symptoms. The doctor said that she has an abdominal infection and another ear infection! Poor little girl! It makes me so sad when she is sick and I feel like I can't do anything to help her.  On a good note she took her first steps on Tuesday! She is such a chicken, but she will get it eventually.  She is our little climber girl! She thinks that she is so funny when she climbs up onto things that she know she shouldn't.  Here are a few pictures of her doing this!

Brockhas been doing good in school! His reading blows my mind! He has turned into a FANTASTIC reader! He is getting ready to start baseball.  He still enjoys playing any electronic game and hanging out with his friends. He just can' t understand why I don't let him play everyday after school.  He is so excited that next week is our spring break and so am I.  I am still having problems with him not back talking and crying over every little thing that he gets told no for.  He thinks that he has the meanest parents in the world and he thinks that Grandma and Grandpa can fix everything. Oh well, someday he will look back and realize he didn't have it too bad! That's it for now, I am going to go and enjoy my spring break!