Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jaylee's 1st birthday party!

Jaylee turned one yesterday! I can't believe by little girl is already ONE! We had her birthday party last Saturday.  The theme was CUPCAKES! Grandma Annette and Ryan were able to come for the party. I spent a few months trying to figure out what to do for the party.  Every time I went out of town I looked for cupcake things.  I had great success, because it seems that cupcakes are the fad right now! I also spent numerous hours on the computer looking for cute ideas!  It snuck up on me faster than I thought it would.  The night before the party I asked my crafting partner in crime, Sady, to come and help me get things done.  My sister Mel also came to the rescue.  We were up until 2am putting last minute decorations together and picking up my trashed craft room spare room.  Jason says I don't have a craft room, but I still call it that.  Anyway to see all the decor you can check out my craft blog here.
We had a good turn out and all the kids had a good time! I can't believe that balloons can be so entertaining, especially ones that sing! The most interesting part was when some of the kids were outside playing and they got into a bucket of car oil that Jason had not got rid of yet! I was like great we invited friends over and they leave with oily clothes, shoes, and hair! It was quite humorous to some of the parents and I am not too sure what the others were thinking!  Here are some pictures from the party!