Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family happenings!

A little about what has been going on with our family!

Jason- He thinks that he can let his dog out and that he won't run out of our yard that is not completely fenced. We boy was he wrong. This has happened several times and Rem has came back, but not Sunday morning. Rem got picked up and put in doggie jail! It was kinda sad, because you can't get your animal out on the weekend. Luckily Rem only had to spend one night there. The positive side about this whole ordeal is that we saw a few puppies, like 7, that are up for adoption at the pound. We think that Rem needs a playmate, so that he doesn't get so lonely and whine every time we pull up to the house and don't let him in with us. So we will see what happens. Also Jason hurt his shoulder several weeks ago and he re-injured it again last night at church basketball. I keep telling him that he needs to go to the doctor and he refuses. I don't know who is more stubborn him or I.

Leslie- I started my new diet last week. I started the hcg diet. It is definitely not the easiest diet, but I am seeing results. I have to give myself a shot everyday and eat only 500 calories. It has been kind of tough, but it will be worth it in the end. Since Sunday I have lost 5 1/2 pounds, so I am way excited! Wish me luck on this adventure!

Brock- Brock has become a reading machine. He loves to read and take AR tests! Not this last weekend but the weekend before we were in Reno and Brock kept saying I need to get new shoes. Finally I took him to the Adidas outlet and he picked out the ones he wanted. I had them measure his foot and he was right at the 1 1/2 mark. I felt so bad because the shoes he had on were a 13! I looked at him and asked if his shoes had been hurting his feet and he said that he just curls his toes up in them and wears them. Poor kid, I felt like I deserved the WORST mother of the year award! He is growing up so fast.

Jaylee- She is so close to walking! Her first tooth finally poked through on the bottom. It still has came all the way up but I can see and feel it. She is such a little DRAMA queen! When she doesn't get her way or something is taken away from her that she isn't suppose to have, then she takes both her hands and places them on her face over her eyes and cheeks and cries. She also knows that if it is just Brock and her in a room that she can cry and get him in trouble even if he doesn't do anything to her. I am a afraid that she might be a handful as she gets older. On the positive side she loves to walk around and hold onto everything. She cries when her dad or I leave the house, which makes me feel loved. She still is such a smiley girl and is so much fun to be around.

Well that sums up things that have been going on around the Jorgensen house lately. I don't have my camera right now to post any pictures so sorry!