Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I remember now why I hate to move! It is such a pain! We finally slept in our house for the first time last night. I am having mixed emotions about the whole thing. I did not want to move into the house before it was finished. I feel like I am being pushed from one house to the next. Of course being pregnant isn't helping my emotions. I cried for along time last night, because I am so frustrated that I am living in a house that I can't even get ready in. I had to shower at my parent's house last night, because I need someone to light my pilot light. Then I had to turn around this morning and go back over to my parent's to get ready for work, because I do not have a mirror to get ready with. Oh well, I am sure it will get better. I was just wishing that Jason wasn't on graveyards, so that I would have felt a little better about things. Thank goodness he is now on his seven days off.
On the other hand I am excited that I have a doctors appointment today. Brock and I are going to the appointment. It will be fun for just the two of us to have time to spend together. Of course he has stipulations for going, I have to get him Pokemon cards at WalMart. He is such a negotiator. He has been a trooper through the move. We didn't even get started on his homework until 10:00pm last night. I feel like a terrible mother.
I am excited for Thanksgiving and to spend time with my family. My family has not been together for the last two years for Thanksgiving and Christmas, because my brother has been on a mission. It should be a great day. I am also excited for my birthday, because Jason and I are going to go on a date. We don't ever take the time for just the two of us. Hopefully we will be able to go to a movie! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sooo I haven't posted in awhile, because I am addicted to the twilight series. I started the first book on Nov. 7th and I just finished the last book today. I loved the whole series. I could not get enough of them. This is very rare for me to be excited about a book, usually I hate to read. I am so excited for the movie to come out. I am going to watch it next week. I just hope that it is as good as the book, otherwise I will be completely disappointed. Well back to reality and the real world now.
Jason and I have been working on getting our house ready, so that we can finally move into it. Last night I went there after school and stayed until 11 and Jason came home at 1. We are both really tired and I am so sore. This little girl sure loves to torture her mom. She has me in pain every day, but it is definately worth it. Anyway, back to the whole house thing. Our carpet was laid yesterday and Jason worked on the bathroom and putting the trim up. I painted the bathroom and a whole bunch of trim. I am going back over tonight to work on it, because I want to start moving some things into it this weekend. Jason is going to be on graveyards, but I think I have our home teachers lined up to help us out. We still have a lot of odds and ends to finish up, but overall it is coming along good.
There is one thing that I hate about being a teacher....parent confrences. I have parent confrences tomorrow night and all day Friday. I not looking forward to it at all! Anyway I better get over to my house and get some more stuff done.

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

So last Wednesday Jason, Brock, and I headed to Winnemucca for our ultrasound. I was so excited. The lady that did our ultrasound was so nice and she was really good about showing us everything and explaining what parts where what. I was so excited when she told us that we are having a girl!!! I then asked her how often she is wrong and what percentage she would say she was about it being a girl. She said that she had been doing ultrasounds for a long time and that she has only been wrong twice. Once was on a set of twins and the other was a boy instead of a girl. So, when I heard the last part I was a little unsure, until she told me that she was 95% sure that it is a girl. I couldn't wait to tell everyone and neither could Jason. We both got on our phones right away to announce our exciting news. Brock on the other hand was not to excited during the ultrasound when the lady said he was going to have a sister. He argued with her and told her that he was going to have a brother. He is completely fine with it now. We are so excited that we have a sweet little girl that is coming straight from heaven!
We went to Alamo for Halloween to see Jason's family. We had a good time! Jason and Jeremy took Brock, Ryan, and Ben trick-or-treating. I was glad, because it rained off and on. I helped Andrea hand out candy. I love looking at all the cute costumes! On Saturday Andrea and I went to Vegas to do some Christmas shopping. This is early for me to start, but I thought that if I get a head start then I could spread out everything between pay checks. It was so nice and warm there. When we got home that night Jason and I played pinochle with his parents. It was a great time and Annette and I ended up beating the boys 2 to 1. Annette also taught Jason and I how to play pinochle with 2 people. It isn't as fun as playing with 4 people, but it is still entertaining. We headed home on Sunday. The trip home was much more pleasant than the trip there. Overall our weekend turned out to be a fun trip, but I am sure glad to be home.