Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Recap

I feel like this month has flown by way too fast! I haven't even had time to sit down and get on the computer. I don't know why it is called Christmas break, because it is so busy and it is definitely not a break. I am definitely going to start Christmas shopping early next year. Jason and I ended up finishing our Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. How insane is that?
The night before that I decided that Brock, Jaylee, and I were going to sleep out by the Christmas tree. We drank hot chocolate and ate popcorn, m&m's and licorice. We also rented a couple of Christmas movies. Jaylee didn't do too good sleeping that night, but it was a fun time.
We decided to do the 12 days of Christmas for 2 families this year. We had 3 other families that helped us out. I was not wanting to do it at first, but Jason talked me into it. It is kind of time consuming, but the feeling that you get when you give to others is so worth it. I also did the 12 dayts of Christmas for Jason. I found the idea here. I made my own cards out of scrapbook paper and embellished them, with my friend Sady's help. She also did it for her husband as well. I had to come up with some different date ideas, since we don't have access to some of the ones that I found. I will take pictures and post them later. I think Jason seemed to like it.
Christmas day was a day of relaxation. Brock did not wake up until 8:00 am and that was only because I woke him up. We spent most of the day at my parents house. We all had a fantastic day! Now that Christmas is out of the way I can sit down and do some projects. I have started to paint Brock's room, it is turning out so cute!!!

PS I am too lazy to add pictures! Maybe later!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The stockings were hung...

...not by the chimney, because I don't have one. So this is my stocking(sock) hanger. I don't know if you can see my socks too well. I went to the dollar store and bought 9 different sets of Christmas socks. I then used clothes pins to hold them onto a piece of red yarn. I love it! I still want to paint the clothes pins and add something else to it, but I haven't had time yet. I also took fishing line and hung red and green ornaments from my ceiling above my socks. My obsession with Christmas decorating and crafts is driving my husband crazy, but I love it! Here are a few more things that I have made.

I learned how to few hand motion quilt this summer. This was my first project and I think it turned out rather well. Sorry my pictures are so crappy I was in a hurry. Here is a picture of my kiddos.

I took the kids to see Santa Clause last Saturday! We had a community Christmas day. My sister Mel went with me, so that we could take Savannah as well. Jaylee and Savannah had matching Santa girl outfits. They were so cute! I will post a picture when I get them back. I have been so busy this week and I still am not done decorating my house and there are a ton of projects I want to make.

Monday, December 7, 2009

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