Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well I survived my first time at CKU. CKU is a scrapbook retreat that they put on every year in several different places around the United States. The one that I attended was in Provo, Utah. My sister Melanie and I went from Thursday to Saturday night. It was so much fun and we got so much free stuff!!! They had the cutest ideas and we made so many different projects. It was so fun to get away and have time to spend with Mel. I am way sad that she has moved to Salt Lake to attend cosmetolgy school. It will be such a great oppurtunity for her. I don't know who is going to miss her more, my mom or Brock. When she left Brock cried and put his arms around her neck and would not let go. It was so hard for me to see my little boy so sad. He is definately attached to his auntie M.
Enough about the sad stuff. Jason and I just got home from playing on our co-ed softball team. It was fun and I got some really good laughs at Jason. He asked to be 1st base and he was cracking me up. Also he always swung at the first pitch when he got up to bat. I think he only made it home once. So finally I have found something that I can beat him at. He is always beating me in games, but not tonight! We had fun and that's all that matters.
We went to our first doctor's appointment on Monday. I didn't actually get to see the doctor, but I saw the nurse and we figured out my due date and I was asked about a million questions. Jasona and Brock waited in the waiting room, because Jason thought that it would be more than questions and a pee test. Some times he is so funny! So I was right, my due date is March 26 and I will be 8 weeks on Friday. So far everything is going great, except for the fact that I am already getting huge and had to buy some maternity pants. That is ridiculous!!! Melanie keeps telling me that I am going to have twins. Wouldn't that be an amazing experience! I would love having a set of twins. Well we will see at our next appointment.



We have so many twins in our family it's crazy. I couldn't scrapbook that long. I'm not patient enough.

Aaron and Angela

The scrapbook thing sounds like it was tons of fun. It was good to see Jason and Brock, but we missed having you here. Ben kept asking "where's my leslie?" It was too cute. Hope everything keeps going well with the pregnancy.

Mike and Tonia

I'm with Andrea on the scrapbooking thing. I have a little OCD when it come to that kind of thing. I got big fast with my last two pregnancies. Good luck I hope it is smooth sailing.


Come on, the whole point of this thing is to update it! Get with it!