Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bunco night!!!!

So, a little over a year ago I started a bunco group. We meet once a month and play bunco, which is a dice game. There are 12 players (all girls of course). We all rotate houses and the hostess decides on the menu and assigns out everyone to bring something to eat or drink. I look forward to this night every month. It is a girl's night out and we sit and laugh so hard! Also there are 5 prizes at the end! The reason I am telling you all this, is because I am hosting next months bunco and I am so excited about it. Since it is in October I have asked everyone to come dressed up in some sort of costume. Also I will be having everyone make these food Halloween recipes that I found online. I think that it is going to be a great night and I can't wait!
Well enough about bunco. Not too much else has been going on except work. I still am not too thrilled about my job this year. I did find out today that I have been paying for an extra insurance plan that will pay me $1900 during my maturnity leave. SCORE!!! Next week is homecoming week and of course I volunteered to be in the faculty skit and lip sync. I have one of the lead roles in the lip sync, it is freaking hillarious! If you have ever seen the Blues Brothers, we are doing a song off of that movie and I have to do a lot of dancing. I am one of the Blues Brothers, so it should be quite interesting. We practiced today and boy am I out of shape. Some of the ladies told me that I am going to put myself into premature labor. Yeah right!!!! I am so excited about it. For the skit we are doing Hollywood Squares and my part is Jessica Simpson, which is perfect because I can be the biggest blonde. The role shouldn't be that hard to pull off.
Jason is on his days off, so he has been working on our house. He textured our bathroom today and is going to tile it this weekend. I am hoping we will be in there by November. I love when Jason is off, so he can take Brock to school and I don't have to take the extra time to get him ready before I leave. Well enough blabbing for now, maybe if I posted more often I wouldn't have so much to talk about.



Seriously, have Jason tape the skits lol. That's awesome about the maternity leave benefit. My friend Rebecca plays bunco, Trisha did in Logandale too. I think it would be too complicated for me...Because really, most everything is lol.

Aaron and Angela

Bunco sounds like fun - maybe we should start that here. Good luck with the lip sync and skit - I'm sure it will be tons of fun.