Monday, October 6, 2008

Flying By!!!

Why does it seem like the days and weeks keep flying by so fast? I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. Brock was able to hear the heartbeat and he thought that was pretty neat! He keeps saying that it better be a brother, because if it is a girl it will not be his sister! I have an ultrasound scheduled for the 29th of this month, so hopefully we will find out then.
Gary and Annette (Jason's parents) came down this last weekend. It was Gary's birthday on Friday, so we took him out to dinner at the steak house in town. On Saturday Jason and Gary worked on the floor to the master bathroom. Jason started to tile it last night. We took the guys lunch and ate with them at the other house. Then Annette, Brock, and I watched confrence, went to a few stores around town. Annette needed to find Ben a present for taking care of her dog, Nia. We found a cute little cat to take his old cat's place. We didn't want Jacob to feel left out, so Annette got him a little stuffed animal as well. Annette then watched Brock while I went to my hair appointment. Brock really liked hanging out with Annette and Gary. They both played legos with him, which they got him for his birthday. Also they got him 4 lego computer games. Annette and Brock went on a marathon reading adventure. Poor Annette she read lots of books to Brock. No wonder why he didn't want them to leave.



Time does fly! I hope you'll be able to find out on the 29th....



It is so great to hear about you growing family! I'm excited for you. When is your due date? Brock is so cute!

Aaron and Angela

My mom was no doubt loving every second of her time with him. Can't wait to find out what you guys are having. Hopefully the little one is cooperative.

The Harris Family

Hi!!!!! I am so excited you have a blog! :) But the even more exciting news is that your PREGNANT!!! Yea!!! I am so happy for your little family! I'll be back much more to keep up on your life! Thanks for finding me!

Josh and Megan

Yeah for blogs! I am so glad you have one! It sounds like you are doing great...I can not believe how old Brock is...time flies. Congrats on being pregnant. I am so happy for you. keep posting!