Monday, October 27, 2008

Can you say LOSER!

I am terrible at keeping up on my blog. The main reason is because I can't post any pictures off of my camera, so I have been messing with that hoping that I could figure it out. No luck so far! Well last Friday I hosted Bunco at my house. We had a great time. I asked everyone to dress up in their Halloween costumes. I also went to familyfun.go and found the cutest Halloween recipes that I passed out to all the girls to make and bring one item. All of the food turned out amazing. I look forward to getting together for a girl's night once a month. I decided to make these cute little gifts for each girl. I bought these little jars at the dollar store and I used my mom's vinyl machine to print out the word BOO, then I filled them with candy corn. They were so cute! I also was in charge of buying all the prizes, so I did up different vinyl projects to give away. So needless to say it was a success!
Jason has been working really hard on our house. I think that he is tired of being in this tiny house with all my crap! I came home from my friend Tasha's purse party last Tuesday night and there was a budget laying on the table when I got home. Some of it was a little unpractical, but for the most part he did a great job! I need a budget that is for sure! I love little things like this that Jason does, even though I don't always want to go along with them. In the end I realize that this is only going to better our future and relationship! We have our moments, but I am truly blessed that I found Jason. He is a great husband and father to Brock. I was always worried that I would never find someone that would love Brock like their own. BOY was I wrong. Jason is great with Brock. I am so excited that they have created a special bond between each other. He is a keeper for sure!
We go to the doctor on Wednesday for our ultra sound. I have a feeling that the baby is not going to cooperate. We will see! I will keep everyone posted.



Love your new layout. Don't say that you think the baby won't cooperate...Think positive.

Aaron and Angela

Cute new layout and love the pic at top. Jason is pretty annoying at times but he is a great guy too. Fingers crossed that baby will show his/her stuff for you guys.