Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why now?

Well we made it back from Joseph! If Jason and I ever get a divorce, it is going to be because of traveling together on a road trip. LOL It seems like all we do is argue over the dumbest things in the car and it annoys me that I just can't go to another room. So after Kaia's blessings Jason decided that we were going to drive back to Salt Lake and stay the night there. Well we got to Provo and ate at my favorite place, the Olive Garden. Then Jason decided that he needed to go to church in Battle Mountain the next morning, so he wanted to drive all the way home that night. I was so annoyed and tired. I told him that I refused to drive, so we made it to Wells and decided to stay the night. We got this nasty room that smelled like mold. It was a terrible night! We made it home the next morning in time for Jason to make it to Young Mens, so he could do his calling. (Since when did he care if he goes to church or not) Well enough of the venting and complaining about that.
The other thing that I would like to complain about is that since school started I tend to get night sickness. Not every night, but occasionally. So last night was the worst and I am going to tell one of the most embarassing stories that has ever happenend to me, so other people can get a good laugh. I figure if I don't tell on myself, Jason will share it will the rest of you. So I wasn't feeling good, so Jason gave Brock a bath and put him to bed. We were watching Americas Got Talent it came to the end and I ran to go to the bathroom. Well it turned out that not only did I need to go to the bathroom, but the baby decided that I needed to throw up as well. So I am sitting in the bathroom throwing up for 5 minutes straight and Jason come sin and says what is going on. I stated the obvious and he told me I sounded like a weed eater and that he had never heard anyone use so much force to throw up. I just turned and looked at him and told him to get me a towel, because I had just peed all over the floor. He started laughing and he couldn't stop. I told him it wasn't funny and that I couldn't control it. It was either puke or pee on the floor, I would much rather clean up pee. Jason wanted to call Jeremy right then and I told him no way. I have never puked so hard and so much in my life, my throat still burned for most of today and it even gets better. I was helping a student today and I had to run outside and throw up again. This is the first time that this has happenend at school. My only question is why now am I getting sick? I think I have figured out what causes it, LEMONS. Lemons don't make lemonade when you are pregnant, they just make you throw up!



Oh my hell, Jeremy would have died and never let you forget about it! Haven't you ever had the stomach flu and had to throw up and have diarhea at the same time. Horrible I know and the thought of it will probably make you puke more. Try 1/2 a unisom and a vitamin B6 pill. Tonia said it worked for her and I know alot of other people swear by it too.

Aaron and Angela

That is an awesome story - kudos for posting it! I feel for you with the sickness because I get that way with everything I eat this time! NOT FUN!

Mike and Tonia

One time, while pregnant, I was in the kitchen and I sneezed and peed a little. I told Mike and he couldn't stop laughing at me. There are other things that happened that I will never tell a soul. :) I'm so glad you guys had a good time and that you made it home. I swear by the unisom and B6 trick. I couldn't function without it. If you want you can just take the B6 it's what helps the nausea. Also ginger. Not ginger ale though. Try ginger snap cookies. Good luck!!!