Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still moving!!

Well we are still in the process of moving. I do have to say that it is getting much better. We still don't have all of our stuff at our new house, but we will get there. I am so thankful that Jason has worked on our house all of his 7 days off. Poor guy, he hasn't had much of a break. I am happy to say that I now have a functioning kitchen and Jason has been working on the other bathroom and I think that it will be functioning by the time I get home today. So, things are looking up. I still have lots to unpack, but oh well I will get there.
I think that I am going to go to Salt Lake this weekend to do some Christmas shopping. It will be fun, because I can stay at my sister Melanie's house and I have a couple of cousins that can watch Brock. I think that I will take the truck, because I want to go to IKEA for some storage cabinets. I also want to go Tai Pan to get Christmas decorations for my tree. Since we moved my parents gave us one of their big trees. I want to get new decorations for it. This is the downfall to moving so close to Christmas, I have been so busy unpacking that I have not put my Christmas up get. I am a little sad, because this my favorite holiday season. Hopefully I will get it all up by next week.
We had a good thanksgiving at my parent's house. Mostly all my mom's family and my dad's parents were there. We had a good time! I was so excited that my uncle brought pies from Marie Calenders. The banana cream is my favorite! I also enjoy the left over turkey sandwiches. The day after Thanksgiving was my birthday! The big 26! My grandma took my uncle Swen and his family along with Brock to Orvada, where my great grandpa has a ranch. On there way back Jason, Stephanie, Edwin, and I met them in Winnemucca to watch a movie. Of course I went to Bolt with Brock. Jason, Steph, and Edwin went to the James Bond movie. We had a good time. Overall our Thanksgiving break was good!



I would be sad to not have my Christmas stuff up too. I had leftover turkey sandwiches twice over the weekend...Turkey, stuffing and ranch on bread, it really is the best thing ever lol.

Aaron and Angela

Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving, we missed having you guys here though. Have fun in Salt Lake Christmas shopping.


Well if Jason is doing all that work in the bathroom and kitchen, I guess it's a good thing he worked at Colfs plumbing for a while, it could help a little bit. Thanksgiving is a good holiday, I'm glad you had a good time. Good luck with the move and getting them Christmas decorations up.


you have awesome taste in backgrounds for your blog. I really like it, I think I have seen it before. Have fun shopping.


Happy late birthday! Gee, we're getting old, huh. 26 used to seem so far away.

Mike and Tonia

We are just starting on our Christmas shopping on Friday. Have fun in Salt Lake. Be careful! Happy late birthday. I didn't have service on my phone until about 11 that night so I didn't call. I did think about you though. I'm terrible at birthdays and such!!