Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kenny Chesney Concert!

I went to the Kenny Chesney concert last Thursday night in Salt Lake! I had so much fun! I took my friend Ashlee with me, because Jason and my sister Melanie didn't want to go with me. We didn't have the greatest seats but they were cheap! The concert started at 5:30, so we showed up at 5:00. It was so HOT!!!!! It was 106 degrees and our seats were out in the open where the sun could beat down on us. I was sweating so bad. Anyway Sugarland was suppose to be there, but they didn't come because she has some throat problem. I did get to hear Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert. They were both so good! Kenny Chesney was amazing. He sang for 2 hours! Here are a few pictures!

Kenny Chesney!
Miranda Lambert!

Monday, July 20, 2009

An Eternal Family

Not this last weekend, but the weekend before Jason and I went to the temple to be sealed together as an eternal family. We left on Thursday afternoon and drove to Salt Lake we ended getting there like at 11:30p.m. We stayed at my cousin Amy's house. On Friday morning I went to the distribution center to get my temple clothes. Then we went to lunch and on to the cosmetology school that my sister goes to. She cut and colored my hair, and she cut Brock and Jason's hair. Then we met up with Jeremy and Andrea at the Gateway mall for dinner around 6pm and then we went bowling. I totally sucked it up! Brock beat us all except Jeremy. Then we met up with my family at the Outback for dessert while they ate dinner.
On Saturday morning we got up to go to the Bountiful Temple. I had my endowment session at 10am and then our sealing was at 12:15pm. It was such a great experience! I am so happy to know that my children are now sealed to Jason and I! The only part that bummed me out was that I wanted a lot more pictures than we got, because there were like 7 other weddings going on. It was insane! Oh well, I haven't gotten my pictures yet, but when I do I will post them!
After the temple we all went down to Chuck A Rama to eat (not my number 1 choice) with our friends and family.
Also on our trip we went to Lagoon! We had such a good time. Jaylee was a little trooper in the heat. She went around the Lazy river with Jason and didn't really like it when she got splashed. So her and I hung out in the shade and she ate and took a nap! Jason did come and relieve me, so that I could go down a few slides. He is a great dad! The funniest part of the whole day was when Jason went to take Jaylee on the train ride. He called my sister Melanie and asked where we were. She told him that we were waiting for them to go by to wave at them. He then proceeded to tell her that Jaylee had pooped all over the front of his shirt. We were all laughing! As they drove by he was holding her out away from him. He said that everyone on the train were saying that he was such a good dad because he was letting her see all the animals, little did they know that he was holding her out so that she wouldn't get anymore poop on him. It was quite an entertaining experience! We had a great little trip, but we were so glad to be back home!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4TH of JULY!!

We celebrated our country's freedom by staying home this weekend! I LOVE the 4th of July! I love the colors and fireworks! I started out the day being woke up at 5:30 a.m. by my wonderful husband calling me on his way home from work! I was so annoyed and was thinking if he is not hurt or dying then he is going to be in trouble for waking me up so early! I had stayed up late from helping his buddy and wife move and I also made Jaylee's hair clips!

Well he wasn't hurt or dying, he was calling to ask if I wanted to go to breakfast with him and a guy he car pools with (Ryan AKA Bundrock) and his family (Ashlee, Asher, and Liam). I was like sure what time? He said 8:45 and I was like why couldn't you tell me that when you got home. Any way we got up and went to breakfast and watched the parade. Then Jason headed home to go back to bed! Before I headed off to the park I took some pictures of the kids!

Brock and Jaylee

Jaylee wasn't too excited!

Then we headed off to the park! They had all these blow up rides for the kids and it only cost $5 for Brock to play on them all day! The nice thing about a small town is that when these kind of activities are going on you can let your kid run around the park and not worry about someone snatching them. I hung out with my friend Celeste for awhile at the horseshoe pit while Jaylee took a nap!

After the park I took Brock to get some fireworks for that evening! Every 4th of July my parents invite people to come to Mama's and we have potluck and sit out the back to watch the fireworks and to light a few! I always get the kids snaps and sparklers. There probably ended up being 30 people and we had a great time watching our 45 minute firework show! Jason had signed up for overtime, so he wasn't able to watch the firework show with us, maybe one of these years he will be with us on the 4th of July!

Family Reunion!


I am backed up on all my posts again! Big SURPRISE huh? Anyway I am going to try and catch up. Two weekends ago we hoped in the car and traveled 6 hours to Idaho where my dad's family lives. My grandparents were celebrating there 60th wedding anniversary! It is good to know that there are still people out there that through thick and thin they have managed to overcome all that they have in their marriage and still love each other unconditionally. We started out the weekend with a family reunion at my uncle Kenny's house with the immediate family. One thing we know how to do best is EAT! There was so much food and it was delicious! My uncle Al ( who teaches that he is the favorite UNCLE from a time a baby is born) was in charge of the fishing game and a pinata for the kids. It was so cute watching all the kids stand in line to fish! My cousin Ashlee gave all the boys a pail and the girls a purse with their names on it to put their treasures in them. Even Jaylee got her own purse.

Later that afternoon was the anniversary party! I met alot of family members that I hadn't seen since I was little! It was so amazing to see how many people came out to support my grandparents! I was so excited and happy for them that they were able to share this their anniversary with family and friends.

A few other things we did on the trip was Jason went golfing with my family, we took Brock to see UP in 3D, we shopped a little, and just enjoyed each others company!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Green Acres

...I wish! We finally have grass in our front yard! I am so excited! It all started out last Thursday on June 25th (Jason's Birthday). Jason had this GREAT brain storm on Wednesday night that he was going to get sod the next day. I was not too very happy with this spur of the moment decision, because we were suppose to get it on Tuesday and the yard wasn't even close to being ready! But if you know Jason this didn't stop him and he was going to do it anyway. So Jason and one of the guys he works with made two trip to Winnemucca to pick up our sod. Each trip they got 2 pallets.

In the meanwhile I was stressed out trying to fill in trenches, rake, and pull weeds. I called my mom and told her that my dad ruined it for me and she was like what are you talking about. I told her that growing up with a perfectionus for a father was not a good thing. I then further explained my situation and how terrible I thought the yard was and how unprepared it was for sod. So, low and behold here comes my parents to help me out! Thank goodness they love me and are so willing to always help out. It was not in any of our plans to be laying sod, because the next day we were leaving for Idaho for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party.

I was very pleased with how well the grass looked at the end of the day, but we still had one more trip to make to get the rest of the sod, so I talked Jason into waiting until Tuesday to get the rest. So we finished up the front yard yesterday! I am so excited every time I look at my front yard with all the luscious fresh green grass! I just can't wait to be able to play on it with the kids!

The Finished Project!!!