Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Green Acres

...I wish! We finally have grass in our front yard! I am so excited! It all started out last Thursday on June 25th (Jason's Birthday). Jason had this GREAT brain storm on Wednesday night that he was going to get sod the next day. I was not too very happy with this spur of the moment decision, because we were suppose to get it on Tuesday and the yard wasn't even close to being ready! But if you know Jason this didn't stop him and he was going to do it anyway. So Jason and one of the guys he works with made two trip to Winnemucca to pick up our sod. Each trip they got 2 pallets.

In the meanwhile I was stressed out trying to fill in trenches, rake, and pull weeds. I called my mom and told her that my dad ruined it for me and she was like what are you talking about. I told her that growing up with a perfectionus for a father was not a good thing. I then further explained my situation and how terrible I thought the yard was and how unprepared it was for sod. So, low and behold here comes my parents to help me out! Thank goodness they love me and are so willing to always help out. It was not in any of our plans to be laying sod, because the next day we were leaving for Idaho for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party.

I was very pleased with how well the grass looked at the end of the day, but we still had one more trip to make to get the rest of the sod, so I talked Jason into waiting until Tuesday to get the rest. So we finished up the front yard yesterday! I am so excited every time I look at my front yard with all the luscious fresh green grass! I just can't wait to be able to play on it with the kids!

The Finished Project!!!



That looks so good!! Mike is the same way with spur of the moment projects. We laid sod on his birthday last year. :) I really don't help at all with his projects though he has to do them on his own.

the Chidesters

Don't you love how grass makes your house feel like home? It looks good.


Looks good!!! You are making it your home with each new project. Your house will stay cooler with lawn in the front.


Looks good.


It looks Great! I bet Brock loves it!

Josh and Megan

Isn't it the best feeling to have a yard?! I hated living in dirt! Jaylee is so cute! I can't get enough of her hair!
p.s. I loved your "sperm donor" story! Too funny! I am soo excited that you guys are getting sealed! YAY!

Aaron and Angela

It looks awesome! I wish I had my own yard with lush green grass in it!