Monday, July 20, 2009

An Eternal Family

Not this last weekend, but the weekend before Jason and I went to the temple to be sealed together as an eternal family. We left on Thursday afternoon and drove to Salt Lake we ended getting there like at 11:30p.m. We stayed at my cousin Amy's house. On Friday morning I went to the distribution center to get my temple clothes. Then we went to lunch and on to the cosmetology school that my sister goes to. She cut and colored my hair, and she cut Brock and Jason's hair. Then we met up with Jeremy and Andrea at the Gateway mall for dinner around 6pm and then we went bowling. I totally sucked it up! Brock beat us all except Jeremy. Then we met up with my family at the Outback for dessert while they ate dinner.
On Saturday morning we got up to go to the Bountiful Temple. I had my endowment session at 10am and then our sealing was at 12:15pm. It was such a great experience! I am so happy to know that my children are now sealed to Jason and I! The only part that bummed me out was that I wanted a lot more pictures than we got, because there were like 7 other weddings going on. It was insane! Oh well, I haven't gotten my pictures yet, but when I do I will post them!
After the temple we all went down to Chuck A Rama to eat (not my number 1 choice) with our friends and family.
Also on our trip we went to Lagoon! We had such a good time. Jaylee was a little trooper in the heat. She went around the Lazy river with Jason and didn't really like it when she got splashed. So her and I hung out in the shade and she ate and took a nap! Jason did come and relieve me, so that I could go down a few slides. He is a great dad! The funniest part of the whole day was when Jason went to take Jaylee on the train ride. He called my sister Melanie and asked where we were. She told him that we were waiting for them to go by to wave at them. He then proceeded to tell her that Jaylee had pooped all over the front of his shirt. We were all laughing! As they drove by he was holding her out away from him. He said that everyone on the train were saying that he was such a good dad because he was letting her see all the animals, little did they know that he was holding her out so that she wouldn't get anymore poop on him. It was quite an entertaining experience! We had a great little trip, but we were so glad to be back home!



That's hilarious! I used to hold my kids out away from me when they would throw up. Mean, but I'd rather clean up one person than 2 you know?

Aaron and Angela

That's awesome about the train ride - I would have been laughing my head off. He is a good dad. Congrats again on the Temple Sealing - I'm still sad we weren't able to make it.

The Payne Family

Congrats on the temple! I am excited for you and your family. Sounds like a fun trip. I am glad you are happy :)

Forrest and Danielle

Hey there! email your address to me at danielledalmer at hotmail dot com so i can send you your pics. They turned out great! Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys.

the Chidesters

Sounds like you had a great temple experience. Can't wait to see the pictures!