Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4TH of JULY!!

We celebrated our country's freedom by staying home this weekend! I LOVE the 4th of July! I love the colors and fireworks! I started out the day being woke up at 5:30 a.m. by my wonderful husband calling me on his way home from work! I was so annoyed and was thinking if he is not hurt or dying then he is going to be in trouble for waking me up so early! I had stayed up late from helping his buddy and wife move and I also made Jaylee's hair clips!

Well he wasn't hurt or dying, he was calling to ask if I wanted to go to breakfast with him and a guy he car pools with (Ryan AKA Bundrock) and his family (Ashlee, Asher, and Liam). I was like sure what time? He said 8:45 and I was like why couldn't you tell me that when you got home. Any way we got up and went to breakfast and watched the parade. Then Jason headed home to go back to bed! Before I headed off to the park I took some pictures of the kids!

Brock and Jaylee

Jaylee wasn't too excited!

Then we headed off to the park! They had all these blow up rides for the kids and it only cost $5 for Brock to play on them all day! The nice thing about a small town is that when these kind of activities are going on you can let your kid run around the park and not worry about someone snatching them. I hung out with my friend Celeste for awhile at the horseshoe pit while Jaylee took a nap!

After the park I took Brock to get some fireworks for that evening! Every 4th of July my parents invite people to come to Mama's and we have potluck and sit out the back to watch the fireworks and to light a few! I always get the kids snaps and sparklers. There probably ended up being 30 people and we had a great time watching our 45 minute firework show! Jason had signed up for overtime, so he wasn't able to watch the firework show with us, maybe one of these years he will be with us on the 4th of July!



I love that about small towns, you can just let the kids run off and not worry about them.

Aaron and Angela

The hair bows turned out really cute! I'm glad you guys had a good holiday.