Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time to PARTY!!!!

Today is the kid's last day of school! For some reason it doesn't feel like the last day! I don't know if it the weather or what! Don't get me wrong, I am way excited to be done with this school year.  I still have one more day, but it will go by fast.  So since I am the biggest LOSER on posting on this blog!

Last week we had 5 birthday parties to attend along with Brock's last baseball game! It was a busy week!  It all kicked off on Sunday the 23rd. My best friend Sady had a Batman party for her son, Kohen! It all turned out so cute. I told her about the AMAZING cakes from Texas Monkey and so she made her cake with that idea in mind. She used Oreo cookies and yellow skittles. Here are some pictures from the party. Each of the kids had a cape made out of a black garbage bag. Jaylee was seriously cracking me up!

Here are some pictures of Brock playing baseball!

I also am including some pictures of Jaylee with her first set of Pig Tails and her wearing an adorable dress that her Grandma Annette made for her!

Everywhere we go everyone says, " oh my gosh she looks just like her Dad"!
It is true, but she has my attitude for sure. 
That's all I have time to post right now, so hopefully I can get my behind in gear and post on here more regularly not that school is going to be out!



Ha, yes she does look just like Jason! Sady's cake turned out so cute!

The Payne Family

Your kids are too cute! I'm glad I get to see what is going on with you. You are so talented! Way to go with your other blog.


That cake is awesome!

Was laughing at your about me section where you said you get your energy after the kids are in bed...I am the SAME way!