Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Fever!!!

I am having spring fever right now! I can't stand that our weather has been changing so much.  I woke up to snow on Tuesday! Are you kidding me?  A lady here in town wrote this on her Face book status, Mother Nature must be sleeping around with Ole Man Winter. Someone should tell her he's a bad influence. I thought this was cute! I am getting so antsy for school to out. I love that we have a 4 day week, so that means even fewer days until school gets out. One thing I do not like about our school district is that we get out the Wednesday after Memorial Day! What is the point of sending the students back to school after a 4 day weekend for 2 days? Sorry I just needed to vent! Few now that is over let me tell you about what has been going on at the Jorgensen house.

Brock started baseball and has had 3 games so far. All of them have been miserable because of the wind! I am so glad to not have to watch T-ball this year.  Brock is doing really well. I haven't figured out why his coach doesn't switch up the kids positions to give them experience in several different spots, but oh well I should SHUT UP unless I want to be the coach. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut! Brock is playing third base. He loves it! When he connects with the ball he hits is very well. He has struck out twice and it breaks my heart to see him so bummed out.  I just tell him that is part of the game! 
 My mom took this picture of Brock, it cracks me up how he is posing!

    Brock is still doing very well in school! He is at a third grade math level! The bad part about it is that they don't over him anything beyond what his class is doing.  He is so bored and he comes home asking me to work with him on his times tables.  He is also almost at a third grade level in reading! I am so proud of him!  He sure does have an attitude lately though. He always thinks he needs to have the last word when we are arguing (I wonder where he gets that from?). He always thinks he needs to play too! I have told him no playing on school days and Sunday! He still asks everyday and says, "But mom I am bored". Oh how I wish I could be bored like him!  Needless to say I can't imagine what our summer is going to look like!

Jaylee has surely developed her own little personality. She is a DRAMA queen! 
 This is here throwing a fit!

I can't believe what a fit she can throw and she is only 1. I think we have a long road ahead. She sure does have a contagious laugh and smile though. She brightens our days! She has become stingy with her kisses and she thinks it is so funny when you ask her for a kiss and she goes and kisses someone else and won't give you any. I am excited to say that she will sleep in her crib all through the night now! She also is walking everywhere she goes. She still losses her balance sometimes. 
The other night I started the bathtub for Brock and her to take a bath. I left the bathroom to go to the other room to get something. A little while later I heard Brock laughing so hard. I went into the bathroom and saw this...

That's right, Jaylee got tired of waiting for me to come and put her in the tub. She took it upon herself to hop in herself. She didn't think it was a big deal at all. She was in there taking a bath and smiling. I was dying laughing and had to run to get the camera. What a little character she is! We love you Jay-bug!

Tomorrow Jason and I are going to Reno for our 2nd anniversary! I bought season tickets to Broadway plays last year and this is my last one. It is the Wizard of Oz! One of the other ladies that usually goes with us isn't going, so I bought her ticket from her for Jason. I was shocked when he said that he would go to it with me. Know we will see is he lets me enjoy it or if he makes remarks through the whole thing. This will be the first time that we have let Jaylee, so I am kind of nervous. I never had this problem with Brock, because being a single mother didn't give me the option. My parents used to take him during the week or weekends sometime so I could go to college or work in Reno. Brock would be 3 hours away from me for a couple days or a week at a time. It was tough, but it was very helpful for my parents to help me out. Off the soap box, sorry I just remember things and have to write them down.  Anyway I am so excited to go on a date with my husband and have some alone time. We don't get this as much as we should! I will post about our trip when I get back.



I love the pic of Brock posing - hilarious! And Jaylee cracks me up climbing in the bath fully clothed.


He's always posing like that and smiling all big lol. He did it for every single pic at disneyland.


I seriously cannot get enough of that Little Jaylee. She is toooooo cute! Brock is look like such a little man too. So handsome. Wow he's gotten big!