Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Like mother, like daughter!

Our summer break is treating us rather well! I am having so much fun spending time with the kids! We have been working in the yard, swimming, playing with friends, going to the ball park, eating lots of otter pops, and getting filthy dirty!

It hasn't all been fun and games though! Last Friday Brock was driving Jaylee around in her power wheels jeep that I scored at a yard sale for $40! Jason and I told him several times that he can't drive her around in the jeep, but that he could drive her around in his grave digger! The reason being is because Jaylee sits lower in the grave digger and is less likely to fall out! 

Well I ran into the house for 1 minute, seriously no time at all, and I came back to Jaylee getting up from the driveway crying! My hands were full and I asked Brock what had happened and he said that she had fallen out of the jeep! I set my stuff down and went to pick her up and then I saw this...

Do you see the knot on her head? I felt so bad for her and Brock especially felt bad! He got into trouble for awhile and he was given the lecture on how he needs to listen and that there is a reason why we tell him the things we do! 

So then fast forward to Tuesday! Jason and I play on an adult co-ed softball team. This was the first game that Jason was able to make. I was playing 1st base and this young guy on short stop through the ball to me super fast. The ball tipped the top of my glove and smacked me in the forehead. This is what it looked like 3 hours later...
The sad part is that I didn't get to finish the game and I felt so stupid! I called my mom to bring me the ointment that we had been putting on Jaylee's forehead. She told me I was a blooming idiot for staying to watch the rest of the game. My family is getting a kick out of what happened. My mom posted on face book that it looks like the softball is inside of my head and my brother and Jason send a picture to people on their phones. It was much bigger than the picture, but know it is going down. I hope it goes away soon! So as my post title says, "like mother, like daughter"!



Ha lol. I know, not funny, but it is a little.


I showed your pic to some of our team mates on our softball team and they said you looked like there was a ball inside your head. I can't imagine how bad that hurt!