Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's Going On?

This past weekend my sister, Steph blessed her sweet little girl, Savannah! My grandparents from Idaho came as well as my aunt Lynn, uncle Kenny, and uncle Al. My aunt Lynn made the blessing dress and it was beautiful! I don't have any pictures on my camera, so I will have to post some when I get them from Steph.
Not last weekend but the weekend before I went to Reno to see the musical "CATS"! There are 7 co-workers and myself that have season tickets to 6 musicals. I am so excited! I took Steph, Savannah, and Jaylee with me. We went shopping and stayed the night at my aunt Juanita's house. The play was so good, except I had this lady sitting two rows behind me that thought we were at nascar or something. She would clap and scream through the whole thing at very inappropriate times. She also knew every word of the play. Everyone around her was covering their ears and glaring at her. I finally could not take it anymore and I turned around and asked her to be quite! Well she didn't hear me, because she was screaming again. This scream was not just a whoo hoo, it was a screeching hurt your ear drums screech! She was so annoying and I went and complained to the head guy after it was over, because the woman jetted out of there before I could tell her how rude of a person she was! I just can't stand people who are so inconsiderate of other people!
Well enough about the obnoxious lady! I have been crafting like crazy the past couple of weeks. My friend Sady and I have been making the cutest things. I don't have pictures of some of them, bit I will post them later. Also some of the crafts are hard to take a picture of, but here they are anyway.
Welcome board danglers (I do a new set monthly) Welcome wreath (another one done monthly)
GIVE THANKS blocks (yes another one done monthly)

This banner says,"HARVEST" it is made out of scrap booking supplies and hangs across my window. (Sorry it isn't a very good picture) I also did one that says, "AUTUMN" and "Time" and those hang across my two front living room windows.

My favorite crafts are yet to come! I need to take a picture of them. My SIL Ang gave me the idea to do a count down calender for Thanksgiving. She did all 30 days of the month and I did the 12 days of Thanksgiving! My favorite is a standing wood turkey! I will post these soon! I just want to add one last picture of Jaylee! She is getting so big!



Sounds like you have been busy!

The Payne Family

Can't believe how big she is! Fun stuff you are making. Projects are the best, aren't they?


Busy busy! I have been crafting like crazy too. Who would have thought? :)


Love the blocks, I'm making some Christmas ones tonight too. Jaylee is so big, I can't wait to see her next week!

The Girl Creative

I love all of your projects! So cute!! Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I'm going to add you right back. Very cool blog you have going on. :) Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!