Monday, November 2, 2009

Party Party Party!!!

The weekend before Halloween I attended a couple's dinner party. Our ward has a couple host a dinner party once a month. This month I took my friend Ashlee who is a member, but not active. Jason was working, so I decided to do a little missionary work! Our friends the Tingey's hosted the party this month. Let me give you a little background info on Sady the wife. I went to school with Sady, she is very spunky and is full of life. She is very decorative and loves going over the top! Needless to say she is hilarious and the party was so much fun! She gave out food assignments to everyone and they all were Halloween recipes.

mummy cupcakes

creepy carmel apples

Frightening fingers

Ghostly Enchiladas

My assignment was to make eyeballs from doughnut holes and white chocolate. Everyone did such a great job that I couldn't resist posting some pictures. After we ate we played charades. It was hilarious watching 2 pregnant girls act and of course Sady topped it off with trying to act like a cornucopia.

Now onto Halloween weekend! On Friday Jason and I went to a couples dance here in Battle Mountain. We dressed like an 80's couple! I am so glad that Jason was somewhat a sport about it. His idea of an 80's guy was way different from mine. Oh well at least he dressed up. We started out our date by going to dinner with the Tingey's. Josh and Jason serve in Elder's Quorum together. When we got to the dance we got pictures taken. There were some great costumes. The music wasn't the best, because the DJ likes a lot of Techno. I personally am not into techno. Jason and I did dance a little. Thanks to my mom for watching my kids. She was a trooper Jaylee didn't go to bed until 11:30pm. We picked her up about 12:20am and left Brock to sleep with grandma. I have decided after our date that we need to do it more often!
On Halloween our day was filled with a kid's party at my friend Tasha's house. She had fun Halloween treats and food for the kids. I brought the same eyeballs that I took to the couples party. The kids played games, frosted cookies, and make picture frames. After the party we walked around the neighborhood and let the kids trick or treat. Then it was off to the church to trunk or treat. It was a full day and after it was all said and done I had a very tired lady bug and football player.



Love the pics. Jason isn't really what I'd consider 80's either but at least he was willing to dress up!


You and Jason look RAD! Love the kids costumes and I made the same eyeballs for our kids and they gobbled them right up.


Halloween looked like a lot of fun for you and your family.

Leslie!! of course I remember you!! you are such a sweetie!! Glad you found my blogs!!