Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Adventures!

Our Thanksgiving weekend went by way too fast! Jason got off of night shifts on Wednesday morning. So I waited for him to get up before we headed to his parent's house in Alamo. Will I was being patient (which I am not good at) I made an apron to wear on Thanksgiving day and a turkey shirt for Jaylee to wear! We didn't get out of Battle Mountain until 6pm. I was very irritable and frustrated that we were leaving so late, but oh well life goes on! We arrived a little after 10pm. It was an eventful night and I didn't get much sleep.
Thanksgiving day arrived and I made deviled eggs and yams. I love yams and I wanted to make them, they turned out pretty good. After a very delicious Thanksgiving dinner we got ready to take family pictures. Of course Jason decided not to be very cooperative. He laid done to take a nap and I tried to wake him up for 30 minutes. He decided that 2 minutes before we were suppose to leave to get up. He changed his shirt and threw a hat on! I was so annoyed, but whatever we haven't had a family picture since Jaylee was born and so at this point I was just thankful that we were getting them done. The girl that took them, Lynette was amazing! I felt bad that she had to deal with such a grouchy family. She has a few of the pictures posted on her website. To see them click here . I can't wait to see the rest of them.
On Black Friday Jason and I were going to go shopping, but I decided it needed to be craft day instead. I brought stuff for my two sister in laws and my mother in law. We made countdown blocks and muffin tin count downs. They are turned out so cute! I played around on my MIL's cricket expression all day! I had a great time!
Saturday was my 27th birthday! I have decided that I am not going to have anymore birthdays! It always seems like it is the worst day of the year for me, so I am going to skip right over it from now on. We drove home on Saturday and Jason took me out for dinner while my parents watched the kids. I decided to skip church and stay home with Jaylee. I usually never ditch church, but I was so excited to get my Christmas decorations out. I didn't get much accomplished, but the tree is up and Brock and I are going to decorate it tonight. that is how our Thanksgiving weekend went!

Oh I forgot to post some of my cute crafts I made for Thanksgivng!

wooden turkey

countdown to Thanksgiving!



Ryan was all over those deviled eggs too :) I like your apron pic lol.


Man, whoever took that apron pic is AWESOME! I noticed too that I am not in the pic with Jaylee - good job on that. Crafting was fun, fun, fun. Thanks for the great ideas. PS I always have a sucky bday too.


Cute apron! Happy birthday too. I'm sorry it wasn't the bestest of days.