Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on the Jorgensen Fam!

Let me update you on what has been going on in our lives lately! We signed on our house finally! I am not too excited about having a house payment, but I am excited that we have a house to live in! We signed Brock up for T-ball and that will start in a couple of weeks! He loves sports! Also we went to Alamo for the weekend for our nephew, Ryan's, baptism.
We left Thursday afternoon, because there was a snow storm coming in on Friday. We had a good time hanging out with Jason's family. We played the Wii, hung out with the kids, and ate! Ryan was baptized on Saturday and then we went to the park for lunch! I had so much fun dressing up Jaylee for the first time. I put her in her little petty skirt and she looked so cute! We came home on Sunday! Jaylee is a great car rider. Thank goodness, because I like to travel!
Today we took Jaylee for her two week check-up! She gained almost 2 pounds in two weeks. She is a little oinker! That's ok we still love her. She gained half an inch in length. We are so blessed that she is a healthy baby. She is the best baby! She cries when she is hungry and when she has to take a bath. I am having so much staying at home with her, but it is going by way too fast! Well that is just a little update on how things are going her at the Jorgensen house!


Mike and Tonia

LOVE the petty!! Too cute. It's so nice to have a baby that travels well when you live so far away from family. She is so cute I can't wait to squish those chubby little cheeks! I'm going to be "that" aunt :)


I wish you guys could have stayed longer. Maybe this summer you can come stay longer or we can come up there and stay.

The Harris Family

Leslie, She is adorable! I love the little pink skirt! I wish I lived closer so I could see your new house and meet Jaylee in person! Hope you are doing well. Miss you!


WOW she looks just like Jason, much cuter though!! ;)