Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break!

Easter 2009

Well it has been awhile since I updated my blog! So here we go! We had a great Easter! Brock had fun dying eggs with his cousin Jaione!
The next day Jason was coming home from graveyard shift and he woke Brock up to show him that the Easter bunny had came! We only went to sacrament meeting and then we came home to finish packing, so that we could go to SLC to visit my sister Melanie.
On Monday we went shopping! We went to the mall and to IKEA! Melanie wanted to take Brock to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, so we did that as well! Brock loved the museum. They have hands on activities that the kids can do through out the museum. I was glad that he had so much fun!
On Tuesday we went to Mel's school. She is in cosmetology school right now! I started out with a euro facial! This is suppose to be so relaxing, but not for me. This kind of facial is in a private room and I was suppose to be able to lay down on this bed and get an hour facial that included massaging of the face, arms, shoulders, and neck. Well since I took my kids, this is how it turned out. Jaylee decided 10 minutes into the massage that she was hungry, so I fed her through part of it. This was rather complicated since I had to have my eyes closed for the facial. Then Brock decided that he needed to come into the room and sit at the end of the bed and play his DS. Well this wasn't too bad, until Jaylee messed her diaper and Melanie had to change her and Brock decided that he needed to go to the bathroom. It had been awhile since Brock had left to go to the bathroom and I was getting worried and then he showed up. Brock comes into the room and says, "Mom I got poop on my shirt!" I was like how in the crap did you get poop on your shirt? It was on the front of his shirt and I couldn't open my eyes to see it, because I had hot towels on my face. I still am not quite sure how Brock got it on the front of his shirt, but my sister and I just started to laugh! She was apologizing for not being able to give me the facial that it was suppose to be. I told her it wasn't her fault, I was the one who brought my kids. It still was a great facial and I plan to go back without the kids next time!
My original plans were to go home on Wednesday, but that morning Jason called and said that the weather was terrible in Battle Mountain and that it had taken him along time to get home from work that morning from the snow. So we stayed in SLC another day. That night we went to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. Brock was so excited! We all enjoyed the show! This was a great finish to our stay. We got Thursday and came home.
We have had great weather here the last couple of days. Yesterday Jason and I took Brock, Jaione, and Jaylee to the park and then I took the kids to the park today. We got out the stroller and we walked! I can't believe how nice it was. I hope we continue to have nice weather!


Mike and Tonia

It sounds like you guys had a great Spring Break. It's so hard to take your kids anywhere with you. I hope you can go back again soon and have a more relaxing time. I'm going to start going on my walks again. I have missed them. :)I love love LOVE that pic of Brock and Jaylee!! So cute.


Kids can manage to get poop anywhere, there really doesn't need to be a logical explanation lol.

Aaron and Angela

The pic of Brock and Jaylee is ADORABLE! I have such a cute nephews and nieces! Sounds like SLC was fun. Jacob gets poop everywhere so a little poop on the shirt would be welcome compared to what he does!


I don't care what anyone says, I have the 10 cutest grandkids in the world, HANDS DOWN!!!! I am glad there was a break in the weather so that you could get out a little. Kiss the kids for me.