Monday, January 26, 2009

Why me?

This weekend sucked! I have been sick since Friday. I went to the doctor today and he said that he wasn't sure what was wrong with me. He said it could be allergies or a cold. Let me tell I have had both of these and it doesn't feel like either. Also he was going o prescribe me some cold medicine and he told me to take alieve for my achy body. I looked at him and said, "I don't think I am suppose to have those when I am pregnant." He then proceeded to ask how far along I was. I told him seven months and was a little shocked that he couldn't tell. I definitely look pregnant. Anyway I am staying home again tomorrow to try and get my strength back. It sucks that I had to use 2 sick days, because as it is I don't have enough to cover my maternity leave. Oh, well I guess it will be worth it.
Enough about all the boring stuff. While I was home sick Jason decided to take Brock to Alamo with him on Saturday. This was really good for them to have some bonding time together. They are best buds now!
I was suppose to start painting the baby's room over the weekend, but that didn't happen. I am shooting for this weekend. I still have a lot to do on my house. I have lived here 2 months now and it is still not put together. It is kind of frustrating. I have made a list and hopefully it will all be done before my baby shower. Anyway I hope everyone has a great week!



Sorry you're still feeling crappy! That sucks and being pregnant and feeling that way when you can hardly take anything is even worse!

Aaron and Angela

Hang in there, we are almost done!

Mike and Tonia

Being sick and pregnant is the worst!! Don't worry about your house. We have lived in ours for 3 years and still aren't done!