Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Alright, so I haven't posted in awhile because I was on Christmas break and I don't have the Internet at home yet. So I am finally posting. We had a great break! Jason was off almost the same amount of time that I was. We didn't get hardly anything accomplished on the house. I think that we are both burned out. We took a lot of naps and watched TV. We also spent lots of time playing games. I love to play games, especially card games. My parents gave me a Wii for Christmas and Jason and Brock love to play it. I have only tried out the bowling. I want to get the Wii fit, so I can lose the baby fat after she is born.
Well I went to the doctor on Christmas Eve and everything still looks good. I was bummed to find out that I have to start going every two weeks to the doctor. There was exciting news, I have only gained 12 pounds so far. I feel like I have gained 30! I was way excited when I received that news. So, it looks like Jason has won the battle and we will probably be naming our little girl, Jaylee Ann. I can't believe how much stuff I still need to do before she arrives. I am going to start decorating her room. I want to do it in brown and pink with polka dots and maybe stripes.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday season!


Aaron and Angela

I have to start going every two weeks after the 16th - at least that means we are in the homestretch. I love games too but Aaron hardly wants to play and if we do and he wins then he won't play that game again! By the way, aren't you supposed to be working right now?! LOL


You should definitely throw stripes into the mix too. I love stripes.

Mike and Tonia

That's so funny that you are doing brown and pink. I am doing brown and pink in Kaia and Jercie's room. I was thinking about dots and stripes too. Great minds think alike I guess.I love her name. I think it's super cute.