Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summertime swimming

We have had a fun last month full of swimming! It started at Lagoon after we went to the temple. Jaylee pretty much hates the water, so she just slept. Jason and I took turns watching her and going down the slides! Then Brock started swimming lessons, but I don't have any pictures of those yet! We will be starting our fourth week of swimming lessons. Then one day Brock and Jaione (my cousin) decided to drag the pools out of the garage and filled them up!

We invited a few friends over to play in the water! Jason and Iattempted to have Jaylee try out the water again, this time it was warm and she still hated it! I just thought it would be cute to put her in her bikini to check out her fat rolls! So after the sad looks and crying Jaylee and
I hung out on a blanket and she took a nap!
Last, but not least we have been in Alamo for the weekend and I took a few pictures of the kids playing at grandma and grandpa Jorgensen's pool. They had a great time dunking, splashing, and playing together. I love summertime and I am so sad that it soon will all end. :(