Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Bees!

I am such a slacker! For some reason I haven't been able to find time to post lately. Hmm... I am not sure if it is because our Internet doesn't always work, or if it is because I am taking care of all the responsibilities that a wife and mother have. We have been a busy little family lately. Not this last weekend, but the weekend before we went to Alamo for our sweet little nephews blessing. It was good to see everyone and the kids had a blast! We came back on a Sunday and then turned around to go to Reno on Tuesday to take Brock to the dentist. Poor little guy has the worst teeth. He got his second silver tooth and boy was he proud of it! I am for sure taking Jason every time we go to the dentist, because Brock did so much better with him there. On with the traveling. In the last couple of weeks I have also been to Elko! Good thing I love to travel!
Besides our traveling adventures we have been busy with Brock's T-ball, basque dancing, church callings, and work. Speaking of work, I had to go back to work yesterday. Oh how sad it was! I had to hold back the tears when I left mom's house. Thank goodness Jaylee is a great baby. She was so good for my mom. She is getting so big! I weighed her yesterday and she was 11 lbs. They grow so fast, I can't believe how big Brock looks to me now that we have Jaylee. I am so glad that there are only a few more weeks left of school, so I can spend the summer with my kids. I have some pictures I need to post, but that will have to wait until I have more time. So, that is a brief summary of what our family has been up to lately.



Good thing you only have to go for a few more weeks of school!

Aaron and Angela

I bet it was hard to leave her, but its only for a few weeks - yah!


I always hated leaving my babies too. But like Andrea and Ang said at least it's only for a few weeks. :)