Friday, March 13, 2009

Pampering myself!

I am so glad that it is Friday! I am hoping to get odds and end things done this weekend before the baby comes. There are a few things I need to finish on her room and then I will post some pictures. Brock's room has been neglected, so I am going to finally hang up some things on his walls. I also want to get a couple of crafts done and maybe I can find some time to scrapbook. I am so far behind!
I went to the doctor on Wednesday! I am not dilated at all, but he did say that my cervix is very thin. He is out of the office starting today, so I have to wait to have the baby when he returns on the 23rd. Hopefully she will cooperate! I have not heard very many good things about the other doctor that is covering for him. In fact my nurse told me that she would not let him touch her with a ten foot pole. That's real reassuring! I told Jason that we just might have to go to Elko if I go in labor before my doctor comes back! I know that I really can't control this matter, but hopefully it will all work out.
So today I am pampering myself! Well actually it started yesterday. I had a pedicure! It felt so good. Today I am getting a massage and then my hair done. I think that I deserve to be pampered before the baby comes! I have been getting prenatal massages for the last three weeks. I love them! They have been helping the pain that I have been having with my sciatic nerve. So anyway enough about spoiling myself. I will post again after I go to the doctor, well actually the nurse next week!



Yeah, if she won't hold out, just go to Elko lol.

Mike and Tonia

Hopefully she will hold on for you! You definitely deserve to be pampered!

Aaron and Angela

I definitely should have done more pampering before Kaden came - oh well. I hope she decides to stay in there until your doc gets back.