Monday, March 9, 2009


I haven't taken the time to post my winners! They are my two SIL Tonia and Ang and my MIL Annette. Thank goodness they take the time to read my blog! LOL! I haven't figured out what they are getting yet, but I will post it after they have received their homemade gifts!

I am so excited about this blog that one of my friends showed me! This girl makes little petti skirts for girls. I ordered two of them. You can view my finished skirts at They are so adorable! She is mailing them today and I can't wait to get them.

Not too much else is going on! We are on the count down for our little girl to arrive. We are really excited that we have a new nephew! I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, so we will see what is going on. When I went last week the doctor said that her head is in position. I have definitely felt the pressure that she is putting on me. I was sad to find out that my doctor is going to be gone from the 13th to the 23rd. Nice timing! I don't want another doctor delivering my baby! So, we will see what happens!


Mike and Tonia

Kaia NEEDS one of those skirts. They are freakin' adorable!!! How do I get one??? I hope your doctor gets to deliver the baby, that would suck to have a different doc. Good luck on Wednesday, keep me posted please!!! I'm excited for my first Jorgensen niece!!!

The Payne Family

I am so excited for you to have a little girl. They are sooo much fun. I hope you get your doctor. That would stink to have someone you don't know deliver your baby. I am still trying to figure out what to make you but I'm on the look-out.


Jaylee will be so cute in those. Especially if she is as fat as Brock was lol.