Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

I had my baby shower this last Saturday. My friend Tasha put it on for me. I had a good time. We decided to have it at my house so that I didn't have to take all the gifts home from somewhere else. I had a great turn out. There were so many people there. Tash counted around 50! My house was full. We started out with lunch. We had sandwiches, salads, and veggies. I am not a big cake fan, so Tasha made me confetti cupcakes (my favorite). I did not want my shower to drag on, so I set a time limit of 2 hours. It was pretty close to that. I got really cute gifts! I now know what I need to buy, so I am sure Jason is not going to be too excited about that! He told me that I didn't need to buy anything after the baby for at least a couple of weeks! I think he meant clothes! The nursery is almost finished. Jason spent a lot of time on it before the shower. He is a great husband. I am always giving him a honey-do list.

Jeremy and Andrea came down for the weekend. It wasn't too exciting. I did find out that Jason will take his brother out for Mexican food, but not me. I always want to go to eat Mexican and Jason says, "NO". I see where I rank! lol. We also went to the crab feed on Saturday night. I love crab. I ate so much of it that I literally made myself sick. I puked it all back up around 12:30 that night. I was bummed, but I guess little Jaylee just wasn't going to let me enjoy it! Overall it was a great weekend, but now I need to catch up on my sleep!


Aaron and Angela

The shower sounds like it went well. I'm glad you had a good turn-out. Sorry I didn't make it, we had too much going on this past weekend.

Mike and Tonia

I'm glad you had such a good turn out for your shower. Sorry I didn't make it, but I only had like 3 days notice. LOL!! I know you didn't mean to forget me. If there is anything you can think of that you need let me know.


Thanks for saying our visit wasn't too exciting lol. I love the one pic of you opening gifts that Steph got lol.