Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So I was recently in charge of a craft project for our ward. My mom and I put together this cute little Freedom block set. I think that it turned out so cute! The best part about it is that you can turn it around for Thanksgiving and it says Give Thanks!

3 months old!!!

On June 23rd Jaylee turned 3 months old already! Our little girl isn't so little anymore. She continues to get more and more fat rolls by the minute! She is getting the cutest little personality. She loves to smile and laugh. Brock is such a great big brother. The other day he told Jaylee, "You know I am just one of your biggest fans!" it was so cute!!! The best part about Jaylee turning three months is that she is now sleeping through the night! I am loving it!!! She sleeps at least 9 hours a night. Yay for me!!! Her hair just keeps growing. She looks so cute in her pigtails. Anyway she is just growing way too fast.

A little trip!!!

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I have several posts to post on today to get updated. So here it goes. Two weeks ago on Thursday the 11th my mom, Brock, Jaylee, and I went to Salt Lake. We met up with sperm donor's (Brock's biological father) wife. Long story short Jason and I are going to be sealed in the Bountiful Temple on July 11th. I needed a signed document from the SD to let Brock be sealed to us. I called Kathleen, the wife to see if she could help me out. She was AWESOME and got the paper work for me. Brock was able to meet his half brother, Zack. They acted like they have know each other forever, it was too cute!!!

Brock and Zack!!!

The next day we went to the Oquirrh Temple open house! My aunt Sadie, her daughter Jaione, my Uncle Swen, my mom, Brock, Jaylee, and I went. It was such a great experience. It was gorgeous!! It made me get all excited and emotional to know that I will soon get to experience the temple ceremony with the most important people in my life! Anyway enough mushy stuff. That day we drove to Idaho and stayed at my cousins house in Pocatello Idaho. She just had a little girl, Sophie at the end of May, so we got to play with her.

On Saturday we jumped back into the car and headed to a different part of Idaho. 3 1/2 hours later we were to our destination. We went to Challis, Idaho for my mom's cousin's 50th wedding
anniversary luau party. It was fantastic. They have two daughters that are married to Samoans and they had their family members who are part of a professional Samoan dance group to come and dance for us. Also there cute grand kids danced as well. They roasted a pig in the pit and had tons of yummy food!

Then finally on Sunday we drove back to Battle Mountain! Jaylee was such a good little car rider and Brock about drove my mom and I bonkers!!! It was a fun trip and I enjoyed the time that we got to spend together!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jaylee's Blessing!

Can you say slacker? I feel like I just can't find the time to post. So here is a little update. Jaylee was blessed On May 31. It was such a special day! Jason was so nervous to bless her, but he did a great job. I am so proud of him. Jason's family came down except his brother Mike and his family. Also my dad's parents came and his brother and wife. I always seem to stress when family comes. I am such a people pleaser and I feel like when there is a special event or occasion I try to make everyone feel welcome, but it always seems there isn't enough of me to go around. Anyway I just need to relax and realize that it is what it is. Jaylee looked so cute in her blessing dress. My aunt Lynn made it for her and I will forever be grateful for all the time and work that she put into it. I just can't wait to have our family sealed together this summer. I am working on setting up a date, so that we can be sealed for eternity.

Being funny with fake mustaches!
Other things that have been going on is school is finally out, but I still am finishing up with a college class. I have to continue to take special education classes in order to keep my job. After this class I only have to more. Whooo Hooo! This past weekend was graduation! My cousin Danny graduated. I can't believe it! I am getting old! It seems just like yesterday he was born. Time just flies by way too fast. I am looking forward to the summer. Hopefully we can get our front yard done, so we can play outside! Well I will post more later, it's late and I need to get to bed!