Monday, October 19, 2009

Brock's Birthday Party!

Brock's party was on Saturday. He wanted to have it at Mama's Pizza (my parents restaurant). All the kids came dressed in their Halloween costumes. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to make cupcakes, the cake, and sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. I think I was trying to win the mother of the year award. lol. I baked all Friday night and Saturday morning. I am not doing that again! I was exhausted by the time the party was over. I will just buy it next time to save my sanity and feet! I do have to say that my cupcakes turned out adorable. Since we were having a Halloween themed party I made pumpkin cupcakes and a pumpkin cake. I had a disaster with the cake on the way to the party, it started to fall apart. What a mess, but whatever it is the thought that counts right? So about the party. Tons of kids came and they had a great time. They decorated their Halloween shaped sugar cookies, ate pizza and cheese sticks, sang Happy Birthday, Brock opened his presents, and then they got a cupcake and a goodie bag. All of this was accomplished in 1 hour! I was so excited that it was over that quickly.

Other things that happened last week was Homecoming! This years theme was Haunted Homecoming, so I dressed up for the different themes each day to go to work. I had a great time embarrassing Brock with my crazy outfits, oh yeah and Jason as well. Jaylee could care less as long as she got fed she didn't care what I looked like. I was part of the teacher's skit and lip sync. We were the Ghost Busters and it turned out really cute! I will have to find someone that took a picture so that I can post a picture.
Brock lost 2 teeth last week! He has the worst tooth fairy EVER! She forgot both times, but redeemed herself by leaving the money with me the first night to give to him and the second time he just didn't look hard enough and the money appeared underneath the other pillow!
So my SIL Andrea told me about this cute website that had little tutus and wings. Come to find out the website is Jason's friend Quinn's wife's stepmother. Did you catch that? If not oh well. I showed a few of my friends the website and they all wanted some, so I placed an order for all of us. They came in the mail last week and they are all so adorable! The best part is that they were only $9.99 for each set. I LOVE bargains! Each set included a tutu and wings and then some came with a wand, flowers, and head piece with ribbons hanging down the back. Jaylee wore one of them to Brock's party with some cute leggings. Click here to see these adorable outfits!
So as usual we are busy
busy busy! Who knows if our
lives will ever slow down.



Love the pictures. Yeah, I hear most tooth fairies these days are slackers. lol.


I told Andrea earlier that our tooth fairy takes a lot of vacation time. She even puts the money under Mike's pillow. I love the pictures! I can't believe how big Jaylee is getting and I haven't even met her yet. :(

Aaron and Angela

The tooth fairy hasn't had to visit us yet, but I'm sure she will be a slacker too. Sounds like you guys have been busy - the party sounds like it was fun!

the Chidesters

I so wish I would've known about the wings! We just got some for Tessa to be Tinkerbell, but the wings are purple and not near as cute as these ones, bummer. Cute kids, Les!