Monday, October 11, 2010

Way over due!

I am way over due for an update on our family blog!
A lot has happened in the month of August and September. At the beginning of August I was put in as the Young Women's President. I know a little scary and over whelming. Brock and I started school back up. Brock is in the 2nd grade this year. I can't believe that my baby is growing up. He is doing great in school.

Brock has also been playing flag football. He loves it! I hate that I have to drive to Elko every Saturday to watch the games, but I guess that is all part of living in a small town and being supportive of your child.

Brock also started piano lessons a few weeks ago and is seeming to like it so far. 
I got a phone call from Jason a little over 3 weeks ago at 2:00am! I was a little annoyed and asked what was wrong. He proceeded to tell me very calmly that he had rolled his ankle and it was so big that they made him come to the emergency room. I was like are you kidding me! I called my mom and woke her up to come and sit with my kids while I went to the hospital. Jason talked the doctor out of making him stay home from work and writing him a prescription, so that no one lost their bonus.
Jaylee is developing the cutest little personality. Jason tells her that she is a MEAN girl just like her momma. She sure know how to throw a fit. She is into everything and can make 20 messes in 5 minutes. She is also a girlie girl. She love her shoes, jewelry, and anything she can use as a purse. She even brought polish to her dad to paint her nails one day! She sure keeps us on our toes!

The latest news is that I am expecting baby #3! I am 11 weeks along and am due May 1st. I am excited to have another baby, but not to be pregnant.
Other than that it is go go go! I will try to be better about updating on this blog more!