Friday, July 2, 2010

A week of Chaos!

We have had a crazy week! I was able to go to the temple last Saturday to do my great grandmother's work! It was such a wonderful day and I had such a good time! My dad and I also took the kids to see Toy Story 3 in 3D! Jaylee wasn't the best, but it worked out and everyone enjoyed the show! Jason wasn't able to go with us, because he had to work! I was a little embarrassed walking around Salt Lake with my too big black eyes which cane from the big bump on my forehead! Oh well what do you do?
The kids started swimming lessons this week! Jaylee and I are doing a mom and me class! She is a little fish and loves the water. Brock is doing very well too! I forgot my camera when it was Brock's turn, but I did get some pictures of Jaylee. My sister Steph and her daughter Savannah are taking the class with Jaylee and I, so I had to include a picture of little miss Dora as well!

The other pictures of Jaylee were taken the other day as she ate her own mini box of cheese sticks! She love them, well actually she loves all food. She also loves being outside and I have to fight with her to come in the house.
Today we had gravel delivered to our house for our driveway! We had 5 loads dropped off for a total of 12 yards. Jason and I knocked three of them out before we had to go to our softball game. Well mostly Jason did the work. I helped a little and talked a lot, imagine that huh? Here is a picture of Brock and Jaylee on one of the piles!

I am bummed that the other two piles are going to have to wait for awhile, because Jason pulled him hamstring at our game tonight! Poor guy! Our team name is the BM Bashers and we decided it needs to be the BM Bruisers! We still won though, so that is a plus! Oh yeah one more thing, Jason and I went over to Elko yesterday without any kids! It was our date day and Jason bought me a new patio set! I am so excited! Now if only all the mosquitoes would leave town that would be great!